Beijing vertical advertising rental site equipment to be watertight

August 5, 2016

With the development of the exhibition industry, the demand for hardware facilities needed for the exhibition industry is also growing, nationwide, it is the most active in Beijing. Wherein the vertical advertising machine rental services are booming, before the selection of vertical advertising machine, you should try to understand.

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1. Master Computer (Media Server) control: connect to the LAN to one or more host computers (Media Server), individual control commands can be sent at any time one or more sets of advertising.


2. Automatic download and play: free advertising or according to pre-set "task list" to download a variety of advertising clips from the host computer (Media Server), play automatically after the download is complete.


3. Download the reservation and booking Player: advertising machine in accordance with pre-programmed set of sleep, start time, download time reservation, booking playback time and other parameters work automatically.


4. Scroll notification display: horizontal scrolling text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen to facilitate the needs text notification occasions. May at any time by the host computer (Media Server) to update the

display content.


5. Support RSS news feeds: You can automatically connect to Sina, Sohu, CNN and other sites to obtain real-time news, show up in the bottom of the screen to scroll the notification area.


6. rich control instructions: Create user accounts and groups / play / stop / volume setting / open and close video output / reboot / shutdown / format CF card / send text notifications / send RSS news / send playlist / send play command to automatically download / read the CF card status, capacity, file name, etc.


7. You can publish remote real-time scrolling text information such as promotions, notices of meetings, special offers, search notices, supply and demand information, new product launch information, etc. can be remotely any temporary caption or image stream. Enables split-screen play, to diversify.


8. remote advertising in real-time automatic detection, monitoring and detecting the formation of a status report. While automatically send error messages to the designated mailbox (optional).


9. The remote real-time advertising broadcast advertising content, frequency, time and form statistics report statistics to provide credentials to advertisers as an ad buyers cost calculation.


10. Common Internet advertising and access with cable access, wifi access, 3G access, Bluetooth access. The most convenient way to access wifi access.