DDW: interactive touch LCD advertising machine ShangXin elements

October 21, 2016

    In the rapid development of science and technology and the era of information explosion, dazzling sky advertising, visible with an effective means of advertising is the enterprise will also have the good effect, LCD advertising machine is a new media advertising media to convey to the consumer crowd wonderful information content anytime and anywhere, interactive and touch functions in one LCD advertising machine is a new era for the AD injected more fashionable element, not only won the audience's eye on the novel and beautiful appearance and under the technology to provide users a lot of kung fu intelligent interactive for their needs.

    For merchants, in order to promote their own brand and sell their products to consumers, using liquid crystal advertisement machine for propaganda must always pay attention to push content, on the one hand, seeking novelty and short of information content, in this era of rapid consumption, can let people rush around at a rest for a while is a success, so creative and interesting content mercurial arises at the historic moment.        On the other hand, use of interactive touch LCD advertising machine this interaction function to store more apt with people's living things keep interaction with users, way to diversification, images, animation, video, etc., at the same time of the user to use it in almost every satisfaction enterprise information will instill into their life, kill two birds with one stone.

    For the user, in the interactive touch LCD advertising machine this time new elements to the wonderful life and convenience at the same time to pay attention to the choose and buy of cost-effective products. Now in the mobile Internet era, cloud computing and big data companies more attention, the mobile end control efficient and has also attracted the attention of the enterprise, if the interactive touch LCD advertising machine can realize the control screen, using the mobile terminal anytime and anywhere is the advantage of the Internet to get more. Now T realized the interactive advertising machine size screen interactive features such as DDW has launched 70 inch touch T LCD advertising machine system, the deployment of the cloud data is the key, LCD advertising machine in the future market development space is huge.