DDW let love travel holiday is drawing near

January 4, 2017

    Holiday is coming, you will be like gathered in each scenic spots, people mountain people sea is the most commonly used to describe traffic. So how to attract people to choose a scenic spot? With the innovation of technology era, the application of Internet + trend, tourism also rugged upstream, adhering to the characteristic culture, cohesion Internet + economic culture constitutes a unique tourism culture, make travel scenic spot to attract more tourists to visit! DDW LCD screen as shown in the field of outstanding person, how can let the public demand? DDW accompany you happy travel together!


    Holiday tourists flock to scenic spots, tourist areas now have accompanied by the rhythm of the digital age has introduced the display applications, the scenic area of the display application is greatly changed people's impression to tourism, is no longer see only imitation of the natural scenery of monotonous, but see more modern technology combined with traditional tourism culture, that reflected akira!

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    DDW has the newest liquid crystal splicing technology, has existed in each big scenic spot, the application of the latest LED back light technology, image is clear and bright, is spectacular, bright color saturation, color temperature of uniform color, make quality is exquisite, the dynamic picture is fluent, is very suitable for application in this outdoor light scenic place, will not affect the display effect. At the gate of the scenic area and the corresponding corner is placed a LCD screen, when people from the gate or go to the scenic spot can be seen on the way to customize the information push, such as: describe the scenic spot of local culture, propaganda way, instead of the traditional paper version will be more lifelike vivid propaganda video and animation to play out.


    Can also release notes at the same time, weather warning, safety notice, use the screen instead of the traditional paper map shows; Can also set the stage for the show, for the tourists in the trip tired rest time to appreciate the images bring performance, satisfied the tourists don't just want to appreciate the beautiful scenery scenery, can appreciate the local flavor of the local and the demand of the cultural knowledge, add fun to tourists, and knowledge, etc.; In terms of safety, innovation of fall prevention machine packaging design, LCD screen surface has a unique high strength protective layer, toughened glass in the scenic area of the crowded flow type is applicable. DDW LCD application greatly highlights the scenic area's unique culture!


    Given repeatedly in recent years in the travel, security problems of DDW LCD screen can show is not only a beautiful screen, is also to ensure the safety of travel of the screen of a strong protection. Hd monitor, display, can be observed to the no dead Angle in every corner of the scenic spot of dynamic, security hidden trouble to get timely treatment, strengthened the scenic spot of tourism management, make people more at ease to travel for pleasure.


    Cultural tour, a moment can not only make people can enjoy a relaxed and can feel the unique local culture and the era of science and technology advancing with The Times. Travel in the New Year's day is drawing near, the New Year new atmosphere show in people's field of vision, DDW LCD screen to achieve the "Internet technology + culture" unique beauty, promote the development of tourism industry, to improve the quality of the tourism into a culture, a trip for linger to tourists, travel for love!