How about LCD advertising machine is more popular?

February 14, 2017

    Advertising machine market after years of rapid development has increasingly become a new medium of the commercial advertisement to be reckoned with, whether it's in the shopping square or shopping mall stores, or between the elevator building, can be seen everywhere the form of liquid crystal advertisement machine, and the function of the LCD advertising machine is by the initial image shuffling to the dynamic video show, then turned to the human-computer interaction, information from a single show broadcast propaganda, to the gradual integration of interactive technology as a whole solution platform carrier, LCD advertising machine industry development from the original manufacturers dominate the demand to the present demand driving the trend of the development of the market are also confirm the development of the industry into the white-hot competition, manufacturer is no longer difficult to rely on the natural channel, the inherent technical advantages to keep the iron rice bowl. Especially in the rapid development of economy, LCD advertising machine mainly are disruptive changes in the market.

    So, for what kind of LCD advertising machine can keep up with the trend of The Times development is particularly important, more major LCD vendors would have to improve its technology, update the LCD advertising machine hard software facilities, strive to break the previous advertising machine monotonous form of information dissemination, gradually to the human-computer interaction, touch recognition technology solutions such as higher level development.

    What, then, LCD advertising machine will be welcomed by the masses?

    A convenient and interactive

    Consumers first LCD advertising machine operation, must study needs a interface, and then, in practice, most users for advertising machine operation is all with the purpose of quick and efficient access to information, if the information needs in the premise of learning for a long time, so they will measure the value of information is worth to read, go for it, the result is obviously violates the nature of liquid crystal advertisement machine efficiently push information, and leads to its application value, at the same time, lead to industry users build enthusiasm greatly reduce, not the market application requirements.

    Vertical LCD advertising machine

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    Second, the business solutions combined with ease of use

    LCD advertising machine is easy to use interactive user experience based on human nature, that is the purpose of the advertisement machine system builds. For now, interactive LCD advertising machine mainly based on touch operation, the user interface of strong operability is the most intuitive user experience. For example, schindler's touch LCD advertising machine, is follow the thinking mode of consumers on product design, as well as with mobile phones, mobile electronic equipment such as touch, tablet pen, interaction between size screen touch, avoid the user a closer look at large size picture brought about by the uncomfortable, it is easy to use interactive for users to achieve the result of the common for businesses.

    For all the LCD factory house, how to better would be a perfect match advertising machine and business cooperation has been the problem of liquid crystal display industry, whether it be hardware update iteration, or software technology of cohesion, which includes too many market factors in it. But even with the constant improvement of the market application requirements, LCD advertising machine interaction is more and more important, therefore, the future key factors of controlling LCD advertising machine market or the interactive application, it will be the LCD vendors would create its own brand a major battle.