Industrial touch one machine has the following several advantages

August 5, 2016

Industrial touch one machine has the following several advantages:

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1, stylish, slim compact. Highly integrated design simplicity.

2, touch one more space than the average desktop. LCD touch one machine is a host and LCD monitor, speakers combined into one machine that will host the hardware are placed behind the liquid crystal display, and try to compress it up, as well as built-in speakers, it's possible volume small, which enables users to place the machine saves space. This "high cost of land," city users is significant.

3, touch one of the moderate price. Highly integrated one machine, it is not to be expensive? And many friends, read some article said that after the high price of LCD one machine, also began to think that it really should be. But in-depth understanding of it after the fact is not the case.

4, good mobility, high portability. Since the liquid crystal touch one set of host, display and speakers, and therefore, the volume and the total weight to be smaller than the average desktop confidential, only ten kilograms, greatly facilitates the user to move the machine. Its internal integration is high, the parts of the connection leads directly from the PCB, eliminating the need for many past data cable, additional compact body also eliminates the need for conventional large packaging and transportation costs

5, touch one not only save space, but also reduces the cost of living, you save the high tariffs. A typical PC power from about 200W to 400W or more (depending on the configuration, performance, and availability). ARM-based embedded industrial machine, from 7 inches to 15 inches more than the power consumption is only 3W to 20W.

As for application development, as long as ordinary PC PC software programming personnel can quickly master the basic familiar based on embedded WinCE ARM architecture, Linux, android programming. Because the basic software developers need only call to a simple API function, the underlying work, manufacturers have done very refined.