INX 65-inch High Color Gamut 4K2K 3D Panel

August 5, 2016

Market interest in 4K2K panels has continued to heat up since last year. Surveys show that 4K TV has a market penetration rate of 5% last year and will double this year, and possibly extending to tablet pc application as well. The 4K2K TV market is now the battlefield for TV brands and panel makers, with Chinese brands being the most aggressive. From the fact that recently some panel makers attempted to undercut the competition by introducing fake 4K panels in China, it is clear that competition turns white-hot.

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First in the world to launch 4K panels, Innolux Corporation (INX) exhibited the 65-inch high-color-gamut high-resolution 4K2K 3D LCD TV panel at the Society for Information Display (SID)’s Display Week 2014 held in San Diego. As expected, the iconic 4K2K high-end TV panel attracted the most inquiries at the exhibition. INX has successfully led the way in continued market penetration of 4K2K TV panels and increased mainstream adoption of large-size panels. INX super high resolution 65-inch 4K2K TV panel has also won recognition with Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013 and 2014 consecutively. INX true 4K2K panels are in strict compliance with dominant standards in Europe and the United States, have resolution of 3840x2160 using the RGB all-printing method, equivalent to fourfold Full HD (resolution 1920x1080) TV panel specifications.

Currently, there are fake 4K TV panel products using RGBW in China. Unable to achieve the 3840x2160 resolution for UHD (Ultra High Definition) displays, they have raised serious doubts among consumers. Eddie Kuo, an associate vice president at INX, says governments worldwide should quickly establish standards for UHD TV certification, to protect the end user’s right to purchase the true UHD 4K LCD display products and to enjoy the genuinely ultra-high resolution visual experience.

The 65-inch high-color-saturation high-resolution 4K2K 3D LCD TV panel exhibited by INX features proprietary optical technology, demonstrating the exquisite image quality, light, thin and narrow-bezel design, and energy efficiency of high-end products. With ultra-high definition (4K2K), high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut (100% NTSC), the INX panel uses proprietary high transmittance optical technology, and its wide viewing angle, low color shift and non-ghosting characteristics also provide more refined images and brighter colors. The adoption of a brand new 4K2K signal processing chip not only provides excellent high-speed images, but also greatly improves visual experienc