LCD splicing scheme emits endless stage art

April 28, 2017

    Art comes from life and higher than life, its expression is varied, the simplest expression is acted out implementation, provide display space for art stage. Throughout the development trend of today's society, makes the performing arts project more and more diversified, like concerts, theater, dance, such as type, these are all sending out the breath of the performing arts. From the perspective of the performing arts, the equipment on the stage is about the effect of the overall performance, so the stage equipment is especially important.


    Integration of advanced technology in recent years, the LCD splicing screen blossomed on the stage, become an indispensable one of the design elements of the stage, the LCD splicing screen could send out the breath of audiences in immersive visual feast, perfect show performers with the art of intelligent equipment collocation, so the LCD splicing screen naturally became the general audience, is so popular, the reason lies in the solution, liquid crystal splicing solutions to perfect the stage art to the extreme, the perfect foil a stage of artistic beauty, concrete due to the following:

    Large size horizon: from the large size of "seamless splicing technology" screen can be seen now display technology has a highly innovation, extend infinitely screen has no sense of fragmentation on stage and acosmia feeling, it was such a big screen that did with stage perfect collocation, the wide Angle of view of the screen is to let the audience no matter in which Angle can clearly visible, does not affect the visual effect, broke the horizon, the greater the people walking about the performer changes the dull.

    Diversified images: in broad audience for "audience" in the distance, even if admit, in conjunction with the lighting stage and sound stage is beautiful, but there is no doubt that the audience look forward to more. LCD splicing screen just brought by this kind of "hope", through the display screen for each from performing arts, such as: dance performance is through the stage of the performer's body language to convey to the large screen display, forming performance, the flow of the movement image vividly display the artistic ideas, let the audience experience expressed in connotation.

    Intelligent display: LCD splicing without can reflect the details of the stage, also can cooperate performance smart setting wall, multi-layered background wall design, realization of 3 d interactive, even if the performers stood in the middle of the stage, also as if place oneself in the three-dimensional images, highly dynamic, highlight the display effect of stage art performance.

    DDW as a professional commercial display solutions provider, intelligent LCD splicing scheme not only can achieve maximum utility stage, the stage art effect reflect incisively and vividly, and also reflects the unique style of the stage show and shaping the overall image to cooperate with the actor's art perfect performance!

    DDW has been established in the field of display for many years, providing liquid crystal splicing schemes for hundreds of industries with high quality products and one-stop service systems. DDW, of course, not to dwell on the past achievements, with excellent team to keep pace with The Times of intelligent avenue, innovation and development of new technology, efforts to achieve the world first-class commercial shows good vision solutions provider!