LCD touch screen to enter the real estate market

September 20, 2016

    In recent years, many real estate industry refers to the new LCD touch screen, each big sales department can be seen everywhere, multimedia touch query house opens to booking system is set images, voice, text, as one of the multimedia computer system, so popular in real estate industry.

    LCD touch screen illustrated based on its own, colorful and convenient operation, it can synthesize information publishers will and those who accept the need for information and habits, the information collection, processing, integration and two-way communication. Has in recent years as a new information media are widely used in the garden district, property companies, schools, tax, post and telecommunications, telecommunications, Banks, government and other industries.

    By touching the interactive display of buildings on sales is an entirely new way of real estate sales promotion, it abandoned the traditional real estate silent plane propaganda posters, using video interaction as the core of the multimedia query system, make the inquirers can experience a kind of brand-new information source. Animation, video, 3 d panorama can be text, images, music, digital resources integration in an interactive as a whole, with both excellent pictures and texts, the dynamic form of lively, give a person with very strong visual impact, leave deep impression. Can browse the highlights, a comprehensive understanding of building content, heartily feel audio-visual enjoyment. Multi-touch interactive display system has incomparable in the process of traditional marketing economic, convenient, comprehensive, intuitive, lively, interactive... Feel the video interactive multimedia. Make originally to static and plane advertising into a two-way interactive communication. Greatly changed the traditional method of access to information, meet people's browsing in the information age.

    Has 1080 p high-definition LCD touch screen display, optional drag, video playback, touch through a variety of special effects, such as multimedia touch query house opens to booking system has a customized service mode, from the content to the appearance, can be made according to the demand of the developers, fully meet the requirements of personalized display, according to the basic needs of the business of real estate industry, the development of multimedia software company touch query house opens to booking system has the following features:

    Touch screen query system functions include real estate company (early) :

    1, the company introduced: including real estate company profile, members of the basic situation of leading groups and institutions.

    2, building information: including real estate company's housing distribution, community information, etc.

    3, example room introduction: including real estate company's neighborhood example room, etc.

    4, rendering display: including community from various angles of rendering.

    5, fee standards: housing price information, mortgage, follow-up management fees, etc.

    6, development history: introduce the development of real estate company over the years, achieved good results, and has received numerous accolades

    SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD express, touch screen application in consumer electronics products ranging from mobile phone screen, and other areas of the small size to a laptop to expand, to the larger size of the LCD screen, LCD touch screen because of its lightweight, takes up less space, and the advantages of convenient and flexible, has gradually replaced keyboard as embedded systems often use interactive tools. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even the people who know nothing about computer, so hand, solved the public information on the market the computer is unable to solve the problem. With the coming of information age, LCD touch LCD screen series, has turned to DDW already ready to product technology, the real estate market is offensive.