LCD Video Wall Key Features

August 5, 2016

LCD Video Wall Key Features

LCD Video Wall Display Built for 24/7/365:With a 100,000 hour (11.4 years) electronics MTBF (mean time before failure), the LCD video wall display is engineered and certified for use in critical 24/7/365 environments where continuous operations are a necessity.

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Option of Redundant Power Supplies in Every Display:DDW is the only LCD video wall with the option of redundant power supplies in every display. Competing systems offer no power redundancy or, at best, a single redundant power supply for multiple displays.


Remote Power Supply OptionThe DDW remote power supply option moves the display power units from the video wall to the equipment rack. This upgrade option provides n+1 redundancy or full redundancy, eliminates the need for electrical outlets behind the video wall, improves serviceability and reduces the video wall’s depth, heat and weight.


Active Backlighting:DDW displays feature active backlighting technology, which prompts the backlight to adjust automatically to content displayed on the screen, producing deeper blacks and improved color quality.


Native Fiber Optic Video Inputs:DDW provides the industry’s only direct native fiber optic HD video connectivity in an LCD display. Transmit tamper-proof, crystal-clear, full-HD video for miles over single-mode or multi-mode fiber directly to the CineMassive video wall. With up to (3) discrete fiber optic feeds per display, the video wall can be fed content simultaneously from multiple systems or redundant video wall processors for maximum reliability and information assurance.


Field ServiceabilityDDW video walls are engineered for easy serviceability, allowing customers to replace controller boards and power supplies with minimal training, down time and no special tools.


Native HDBaseT Video InputsDDW video wall displays are also available with (3) HDBaseT direct video inputs, which are capable of HD video transmission of up to 70 meters using shielded twisted-pair network cabling.


Front Access Push-Pull Mounting:DDW LCD Video Wall Displays are installed with front-access push/pull style mounts that enable any display to be independently extended away from the video wall. This allows service to be performed with ease and without affecting adjacent displays.


Combined Bezel Width as Thin as 3.5mmThe DDW LCD video wall offers virtually seamless bezels to create a large, ultra-high resolution digital canvas. With a screen-to-screen combined bezel width as thin as 3.5mm, the array of LCD displays composing your CineMassive video wall will provide a single clear image.

Interactive Touch Option:Transform your video wall into a dynamic interactive multi-touch surface for ultra-high resolution collaborative visualization.


Beyond Ultra-High DefinitionDDW can deliver true ultra high-definition resolutions without the use of scaling or cropping. Go beyond HD with life-like images and video, or tile multiple HD sources in full resolution. CineMassive video wall technology makes the most of tiled displays by providing the maximum resolution and flexibility.


Low True Cost of Ownership (TCO):DDW panels are built for high reliability, low maintenance operation. With features such as redundant power supplies and fans, field serviceable components, and reliable LED backlighting, video walls require little to no maintenance for years of continuous operation.