Leroy Multimedia - 9 Years Focused On R & D And Production Of LCD Advertising Machine

April 12, 2017

In the development of high-tech today, more and more digital products has become a user essential

for a living necessities. The so-called "bow family" is to describe people whenever and where are

"looking down the screen" state, visible, digital, audio and video products advertisers should

seize a business opportunity, advertising this whirlwind momentum is no longer Block. The LCD

advertising machine is now widely acclaimed one of the trend of technology, with its

high-definition, colorful, three-dimensional vivid characteristics, for people to bring a visual

feast, is now widely used in all walks of life.

LCD products a wide range, if not selected to meet their own characteristics of the industry's

LCD products, not only can not bring sales performance, but also increase product costs. Shenzhen

Leroy Multimedia Co., Ltd. was established nine years of deep plowing commercial display areas,

has developed into a set research and development design, production and sales as one of the

high-tech enterprises, a large extent to meet user needs.




Here to introduce you to the four major advantages:


First, the world's leading technology, national patent certification:


1, China's first R & D and production of LCD advertising machine manufacturers, product quality,

size and strength are among the forefront of the industry;


2, after years of accumulation, has now developed into a set research and development, production

and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises;


3, the advertising industry to the highest honor "Golden Peacock Award" named "2015 annual

outstanding LCD advertising brand award" winner!


4, with a professional hardware and software development team, updated software features, more

dazzling design, won a number of patents.


Second, a number of patent recognition, military quality:


1, the product appearance has applied for patent certification;


2, intelligent background monitoring, easy operation and management;


3, low power consumption only 3W, a year power consumption in 16 degrees or so;


4, regular software free upgrade;


5, implantable advertisers to accept high capacity, advertising effect is obvious;


Third, the whole process of manufacturing, quality management first-class:


1,5000 square meters of modern production plants, 200 million units of advertising terminal used

in all parts of the country;


2, profiles using automotive paint technology, product shape independent design, nice;


3, fully automated processing production line + high standards of quality testing system, through

the national mandatory product CCC certification, and CE, FCC, ROHS certification;


Four, 7 star service standards, the international market recognition:


1, pre-sale services: professional R & D team one-on-one service, personalized display of outdoor

products and their solutions;


2, the sale of services: mature order system, the fastest delivery cycle industry; global market

delivery, brand logistics pioneer industry;


Leroy multimedia technology main products are LCD advertising machine, touch one machine, large

screen splicing, teaching one machine, one computer, car advertising, WeChat advertising and other

commercial display products. Production and strict implementation of the ISO9001 quality system

management standards, the use of high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology

manufacturing, quality and reliable products through the success of the CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS and

other authoritative certification, product performance parameters better than national standards

and industry standards, Quality in the industry in a leading position!