Near Seamless Video Walls & Fine Pixel-Pitch LED Signage for Making an Impact Indoors

August 5, 2016

Optimized for a range of indoor retail, corporate and public-viewing applications, Samsung’s new professional-grade, extreme narrow bezel (1.4mm bezel-to-bezel) UH55F-E video walls combine advanced color management capabilities with the visual enhancements of large-format signage, to deliver clear and consistent content. Each UHF-E video wall display undergoes factory calibration and tuning to prevent brightness and color accuracy irregularities, and ensures viewers receive messages without visual distraction. The UHF-E displays accommodate UHD content up to a 5x5 configuration.

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Samsung’s UHF-E display features an extremely thin bezel-to-bezel design (0.9mm on the upper and left sides, 0.5mm on the lower and right sides) that keeps viewers focused on the content rather than the display itself. Equipped with the same durability and color presentation components as its predecessors, the UHF-E video wall represents a sleek, stylish alternative for delivering uninterrupted content in most indoor environments.


Samsung’s indoor fine pixel pitch SMART LED displays deliver compelling content and seamless video wall configurations. Samsung’s direct view fine pixel pitch LED offerings feature top-tier diodes and customize pixel pitch compositions ranging from 1.5 to 2.5mm, providing seamless visibility while simultaneously accommodating users’ specific operational needs. Combined with design elements that produce the same deep contrast, realistic picture quality and color consistency viewers expect from Samsung’s latest televisions, the LED signage portfolio offers users an extra edge to stand out within often-crowded indoor environments.


Following its 2015 acquisition of Prism view, formerly YESCO Electronics, Samsung offers a complete lineup of LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor use, ranging from 4mm to 24mm pixel pitch.