Nine features LCD screen ultra narrow LCD screen_ the ultra narrow

August 5, 2016

Ultra narrow side liquid crystal splicing screen which features? LCD splicing screen by virtue of its high-definition high-definition, cost-effective, easy to install, long life and other unique features to become a very popular security monitoring market display devices. Many LCD manufacturers will be in order to meet user needs, with a strong ability in the liquid crystal display industry, innovation, research and development of the market is welcomed by the ultra narrow LCD screen. Developed ultra narrow LCD splicing screen has the following nine functions:


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1, display splicing technology in a single display unit, can be adjusted by software.


2, LAN and RS232 control functions can be controlled by LAN and RS232 in two ways, more flexible and convenient.


3, series and ID control function display can be connected through the RS232 series, and the ID number of each display settings, you can achieve all the common control display, and the display can be individually controlled.


4, the picture correction function, support the mosaic picture compensation for misalignment unique internal stitching function and seamless adjustment function, can eliminate due to display frame image splice junction of dislocation, m * n any combination of splicing curtain wall support.


5, 6 axis color adjustment function, the color is more natural and realistic can independently adjust the display of six axis color, including red (R), green (g) and blue (b), yellow (y), magenta (m), green (c), the natural stretch of the color reproduction, mosaic picture effect more real unity.


6, intelligent temperature control function built-in sensor control fan, effective cooling, energy saving and prolong the service life of the product.


7, automatic switch machine management function of the built-in clock settings, users can customize the setting of automatic switching time.


8, low power consumption, long life, support 7x24 hours on display using the reliability of parts and high heat dissipation of the body design, support 7x24 hours of work, the service life of up to 50000 hours.


9, double direction 178 degree wide angle of view to meet new ultra wide angle stretch (S-PVA) to watch the full range, guarantee in the left, right, up and down 178 degree viewing angle Vipassana see image deformation, color without distortion.


Why more and more industry choose use liquid crystal splicing ultra narrow side screen unit? According to Xiaobian refer to the comparison and analysis, traditional LCD splicing screen unsightly, signal conversion is tedious, monitor for a long time uninterrupted work, life is short; and ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen, the visual effect is better, easy fight matrix control software accurately, display dazzling, adapt to the work for a long time.