Plasma splicing Renaissance screen splicing market uncertainty is of the future

October 10, 2016

    Many known, just three years, the LCD splicing from an obscure niche until now popular domestic joining together the leading role of the market, to aside, occupied 35% of the market, and holds more than 50% of the annual growth rate. , so to speak, the rise of the LCD splicing for domestic joining together industry brings a revolution in the milestone, the traditional display splicing and plasma splicing launched an unprecedented challenge.

    LCD splicing, however, the scale of the development of the situation, is bound to have a series of problems. The proliferation of brands, low price competition, non-professional splicing product pretends to be the phenomenon such as professional products to become a common phenomenon, it can affect the health of the whole industry development. DDW as senior LCD splicing screen providers, with the industry complete LCD splicing product line and industry application solutions design and implementation capacity, objectively bear the mission to promote the development of liquid crystal splicing industry.

    Today, LCD splicing market development, the problems mount at the same time. To DDW analysis, due to the particularity of LCD splicing industry, the market now can't do it at a draught norms and standards, also need a long time, need many manufacturers work together to make the market continues to develop in the direction of the health. But at the same time, other types of Mosaic products have been show the potential of the Renaissance, chasing the LCD splicing, plasma splicing is one of them.

    Plasma splicing technology, with its unique excellent display performance, electromagnetic interference resistance, ultra narrow flat-fell seam, and increasingly improve burn prevention technology, etc., on the big screen splicing market occupies a stable market share. Compared to the liquid crystal splicing, plasma splicing a commanding lead in flat-fell seam. 42 inch plasma splicing products flat-fell seam is less than 1 mm, 60 inches plasma splicing products flat-fell seam at around 3 mm, far below the LCD splicing flat-fell seam of the product. In addition from the plasma splicing product stability and splicing technology is increasingly mature, especially the burning screen on the solution of the problem, make the impact of traditional control room market tool.

    Plasma splicing products to the control room of the traditional market as the main target market, involving fields including government, electric power, coal, highway, public security, army, petroleum and petrochemical, etc. And from the product cost analysis, 60 inch plasma relative using LED light source 60 inch display DLP products there is a huge price advantage, and even less than 60 inch double lamp DLP products price, make its have incomparable competitive advantage in the control room market.

    Throughout the large screen splicing market for LCD splicing, DLP rear projection splicing, plasma splicing, which a future there could not be dominating the world. Domestic professional LCD splicing manufacturers DDW analysis: screen splicing market competition is intense, change is no longer a simple technology and products, but flexible business model, application solutions, and new market development and declining costs. Therefore, joining together the market in 2016 will be wind and cloud, let's wait and see!