Six development direction of the future development of LCD screen splicing market

August 5, 2016

Six development direction of the future development of LCD screen splicing market


In the mosaic screen LCD market, the LCD screen is the best crystal technology, while the LCD screen is the aggregation point splicing technology element. In the past the development of the rapid development of information technology, the big screen is the best information carrier. After years of development of domestic LCD screen splicing technology has reached a high-definition, bright, high-color technology, and the integration of embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing, signal switching technology into one, so that the LCD screen to achieve a mosaic a new breakthrough. However, all is not so prominent features of LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing screen in the future is bound to follow the development of the following characteristics:


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A long life

The LCD screen is the longest service life of the display device itself very long life, even the life of the shortest part of the backlight, and up to 50,000 hours, but even with over such a long period of time, it will only cause its brightness influence, simply replace the backlight lamp, you can restore the original bright colors. This projection is a difference between the nature of the LCD backlight life is ten times the projection bulb, and their advantages and disadvantages without saying.


Second, large viewing angle

For early LCD products, the viewing angle restricting LCD once a big problem, but with the advances in LCD technology, has completely solved the problem. LCD splicing wall using the DID LCD screen, which can reach more than double 178 degree viewing angle, has reached an absolute perspective effect.


Third, high-resolution

LCD dot pitch is much smaller than the plasma, the physical resolution can easily meet and exceed the high-definition standard, LCD brightness and contrast are high, colorful and bright, LCD splicing technology to achieve pure flat display completely curvature, image stabilization does not blink .


Fourth, exquisite clever

Liquid crystal has a thin, light weight, easy to install and splice. Special 40-inch LCD screen, weighs only 12.5KG, the thickness of less than 10 cm, which is the other display devices can not match.


Fifth, low-power

The liquid crystal display device, low power, low fever has been for people to call Road. Small-size LCD panel power less than 35W, 40-inch LCD screen, its power is only 150W or so, only about one-quarter to one-third of the plasma.


Sixth, low cost

LCD is the most stable and reliable display device, since the heat is very small, the device is very stable, not because of damage caused by high temperature components malfunction.


Of course, in the current LCD screen splicing technology is difficult to do more than six points, but in the future of LCD splicing technology must overcome more than six, and let the LCD splicing technology in the end a new field, and to provide consumers with the most perfect liquid crystal mosaic Screen.