The applications and features of capacitive touch all-in-one product features

August 5, 2016

With the popularity of smart phones, capacitive touch technology has been steadily progressing. All around us, smart flat, multi-function display one machine, subway ticket machines, bank queuing machine, mall advertising, widely distributed in just a finger touches the touch screen can be a variety of operations. Touchscreen convenience unnecessary to say, but it's the type of technology I am afraid that most people do not understand. Including surface acoustic wave touch screen, infrared, resistive, capacitive, etc., wherein the capacitive touch screen with its excellent sensitivity, clarity and light transmittance gradually become mainstream touchscreen devices. Touch screen application trends leading advanced products for users provide leisure life more easy and convenient material conditions. Provide a basis for the creation of a better, happier life.

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These products with smooth multi-touch technology, allowing users to have a better touch experience in the operation, but the touch screen can also identify clicks from multiple points on the screen, touch action and respond. Capacitive touch screen sensitivity and accuracy is satisfactory; 16: 9 wide-screen high-definition wide viewing angle LCD panel to ensure illustrations glance; aluminum casting pressure display frame exquisite appearance, feel comfortable; three-dimensional display with curved bracket perfect match easy to install, stable structure, placed in shopping malls, conferences, education, government agencies slim, finger point, recalling the tragic. People quickly into self-expression, the joy of the realm of passion. Wall is also a capacitive touch screen, can be hung on a wall or flush mounting, so you can save the limited interior space, allowing users to more freely entertainment, but also can decorate the indoor environment.


Android operating system capacitive touch one machine is a stand-alone device similar to a computer, which is pre-installed on phones and tablets popular Android operating system, integrated multimedia decoding, HDMI, LAN, Bluetooth, WIFI technology, support for popular video and computer picture format, you can also add USB and SD memory card, using almost the same operation as a desktop computer, keyboard and mouse, of course, not by a finger touch. Czech electric shock for touch capacitive touch screen is 16: 9 wide screen, 1920X1080 full high-definition LCD panel, the picture exquisite eye-catching. Touch screen mounted on the unique curved frame, beautiful appearance, solid structure, it is also more convenient to move. This touch one machine, as well as wall-mounted and desktop varieties, provide user interactive experience, to achieve learning, interaction, entertainment and conferences. Display a variety of installation, which allows the use of more convenient, make the room more beautiful, full of pride leaving users more free and easy to release.