The LCD splicing screen four segments of the new trend of development

October 25, 2016

    Four segment of the market for LED and LCD splicing screen "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and the new trend of development


    Recently, the national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance, said deputy secretary-general RuanJun countries "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" science and technology plan has been started, the related to LED LCD splicing mainly involves four aspects:


    The first is about high quality LED LCD splicing screen, from the production of raw materials to the device, until the application of the industrial chain, will be much starker choices-and graver consequences-in focus, including monitoring and control system, command and control center, is the shadow of the LCD splicing screen.


    Followed by the UV LED, mainly in the areas of health, security identification applications. And with the development of technology, new application technology will replace the original technology and products, has a broad market prospect, UVLED as uv LED phototherapy instrument is one of the popular medical apparatus and instruments.


    The third is LED in the field of agriculture, health and medical applications, here except technology chain there will be a lot of demonstration work. LED is expected to replace the sun and the traditional electric light sources, will greatly drive the efficient use of energy.


    The last is about intelligent lighting and visible optical communication, lighting and wisdom of the city integration will be more closely. Predictably, intelligent lighting is to our life and work are inseparable, and more and more closely the health and safety.

    The LCD splicing screen

    In addition to the above four aspects, in terms of the third generation of semiconductor, around the application of silicon carbide, potassium nitride materials countries are in the layout.


    Around the above four aspects, the country is also planning "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" LED industry planning, and the need to integrate society, association, including certification and inspection agencies, and leading enterprises, cooperate with the relevant state departments of industry planning, and jointly promote much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning implementation.


    Emperor ai emperor how electrons from the perspective of enterprise transformation and upgrading, on the one hand, should strengthen the independent innovation ability, at the same time in such aspects as production, management, technology is a breakthrough, foster new market opportunities and business models; On the other hand, thinking about how to from the traditional manufacture to wisdom, how to replace from the sexual market into the intelligent lighting market. Can combine wisdom city or combine the concept of informatization "Internet +", this is the trend of industry transformation.


    Finally is guided by the "2025" made in China, all the way around the area, the new urbanization strategy of guiding and promoting and cultivating formed several technical level and the largest industry in the international same industry leading level, the brand of LED innovation enterprise with international influence.


    China's LED industry development to today, in addition to continuous innovation, including the source of innovation, crossover, and thinking to Chinese products go abroad, towards the world, open the door to the international market.


    Development and reform commission (NDRC) is discussed, and the ministry of science and technology, ministry of commerce will be all the way around the lighting industry area to carry out the plan of action, the current research has been underway, DDW and other related business enterprise, is willing to do his meager strength for the development of China's LED industry.