2016 the most heart interactive LCD screen

September 7, 2016

Along with the continuous development of science and technology and the change of consumer demand, the LCD panel has evolved a variety of styles, single and multiple screens, splicing screen, screen, advertising machine, 3 d fitting room, now came out a interactive LCD screen, known as by far the most heart LCD screen. It has a special kind of interactive magic, not give you money, but let you willing to spend money.

The unique advantages of the interactive displaylatest company news about 2016 the most heart interactive LCD screen  0

1, attract the crowds, the novel interaction effect is bound to attract and guide people to visit, at the same time, good design and artistic effect more interactive atmosphere.

2, to provide direction, can be used as a function type, such as smart museum guide, query, than ever before, the traditional signs query screen more humanized.

3, economic benefits, in the form of new media art can make real-time interactive advertising, let the participants to interact with the propaganda, deepen the impression of propaganda, the participants received a lot of good publicity, also brought entertainment to the audience at the same time, a win-win situation.

German public welfare organization Misereor embedding a cashier to the interactive display. Big screen random switching between two images, you can use the card to cut off the rope, let was tied up with both hands free, cut a piece of bread, also can use bank CARDS to feed the hungry. In the action of "slice" down at the same time, the euro will be deducted automatically from your bank card, be charitable donations.

In Europe people are accustomed to brush calorie of consumption, hence Misereor company with the help of the advertising company, such a creative interaction donation machine is designed. A simple interactive let donors experience, yourself a little power, is the special significance. There are many children at home long help, also involved in the rescue operation.

DDW as LCD industry in the expert, I've always wanted to use the LCD panel for security, for business, for all walks of life, as long as can help emperor YiDiDou very active learning and innovation. An interactive display, a simple action, not only attract more people to donate money, more let donors know where their love, at the same time, let a person at the time of donation in the form of interactive experience pleasure another game.