4 k concept sweeping the display field The process of domestic splicing Gao Qinghua

November 22, 2016

    Maybe for many people, the so-called high-definition are still in the field of display 1080 p, FULL HD and retina parameters such as concept, about 4 k resolution of "propaganda has been in FULL swing, the projection is hit by a storm, TV, big screen, video card, and many other display field. Relative to the current domestic splicing industry development boom, the emergence of the 4 k and will bring about a high-definition, promote the development of domestic joining together to 4 k hd!

    The so-called 4 k, refers to the resolution, which is 4096 x 2160. We now often mentioned 1080 p resolution is 1920 by 1080, apple's latest generation of the display resolution of 2048 x 1536, contrast can be seen from the above parameters, 4 k resolution is four times that of the traditional 1080 p display resolution, even compared with the new device, twice its resolution is improved. Is called 4 K, it is mainly a kind of habit, the industry has many people called 1080 p 2 K, and 720 p (1280 x 720) called 1.3 K, which is mainly based on the number of horizontal pixel resolution to distinguish.

    In fact, the 4 k of the most promising application areas is bigger, the LCD splicing as one of the most important product display area scope for more. To a head, has technical advantages of Japanese companies, SONY, JVC, NEC is on 4 k strategy this year, its some to look at the high-end market, while others are directed at the cinema.

    4 k can be displayed in the field of new standards, represents the most exquisite display effect in theory, of course, the specific effect also look at screen material, the chip quality, and many other factors, but there is no doubt that 4 k still represents a new level. In fact in the last 4 k is seldom mentioned, or speak of is not on the offensive, in the first quarter of 2012, however, more than 4 k was heavyweight manufacturers in oral. All along, the relevant people in the industry believe that because of the sources of rare, rapid development has 4 k distance distance, but look from the current situation and the process seems to have a trend in advance.

    With the concept of the 4 k gradually into people's horizons, 2012 will be 4 k began to spread. Because from the beginning of the year, the word 4 k in the number of people view will increase, projection, monitor, television, large screen, chips, mobile phone manufacturers are in the field of announced this year March 4 k, giving the popularity of 4 k faster provides a strong support. For screen splicing display industry products, 4 k arrival will be a new technical challenges, in hd era, whether it's 4 k or LCD splicing, both are closely linked. Believe in the near future, 4 k will be commonplace in the display field parameter configuration.