42 inches digital sign advertising machine Android media player

September 2, 2016

42 inch advertising digital signage
is an effective communication for businesses and organizations to display dynamic content on Panel TVs and other screens located anywhere. Signagelink Online Edition is a digital signage software. It is driving thousands of screens worldwide on bank, retail, education, hotel, corporate, entertainment, government and other industries, used for customer communications, employee communications, digital posters,digital boards, interactive service kiosks, etc.latest company news about 42 inches digital sign advertising machine Android media player  0


42 inch advertising digital signage system has Server Content design and management, including scheduling and distribution
Digital signage system management. Players


Main Features

Easy to use, simple Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG, template based editing Easy to deploy, quick software setup and easy player connecting(Automatically in LAN) Interactive –Customers can interact with content such as latest promotion offers, product demos, etc., via touch and gesture control; Play lists and scheduled playing, urgent casts (customizable scrolling text) in real time; Online player monitoring and remote control

Features Highlights

42 inch advertising digital signage server Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG content editor, flexible screen layout
Centralized content management and distribution
Centralized control and upgrade, real-time monitoring
RSS feeds
Microsoft Office(PPT, WORD, EXCEL) Player Automatic player-server setup, bandwidth saving links
Play lists and scheduled playing
Urgent casts (customizable scrolling text)
Remote control and update

Key features:

1,LED Backlight,FHD 1920x1080 resolution
2,Seamless designed aluminum alloy frame
3,Android OS IP/WIFI remote networkcontrol
4,High contrast,700nits,500nits,450nits brightness

5,High brightness 2000nits,1500nits can be customized


Display mode:
Suport video ,flash animation,images and text mix broadcasting.
Video truly seamless playback.
Up to 14 kinds of picture transition mode.
Support rich display resolution:1366x768,1440x900,1600x900,1680x1050,1920x1080.

The default program broadcasting.
Broadcast specified programs on specified date and time.
Automatically deleted overdue program.
Program insertion,broadcast emergency major events.

Program encryption:
Make encryption and authentication for playlists and program material,refuse illegal program broadcast.
Pre-set independent password by grouping.
Certificate U disk, only authenticated program can be imported.
Multi-language menu:
Support Chinese ,English and other languages(Multiple OSD languages can be added according to the sales area and needs )

Split-screen display:
Support switch between both horizontal & vertical display mode
Support switch between full screen and split diplay mode
Both horizontal & vertical display mode support full screen and split display mode
Can realize scroll marquee play,smooth scrolling,without pause

Timing management:
Support turn on,turn off,timer switch,manually 4 o perating mode
Select the timer switch
Support 2 independent timers everyday
Support set up 7 days a week independent ,also support set up according to the daily management
File import:
Support CF card ,SD card ,U disk & other storing media store file ,improt playlist and program material file into these storing media.
Configuer terminal parameters and update the software by CF card ,SD card and U disk

Log management:
Terminal works log
Switch time record
Remont control record
File import and software update record
Terminal log Abnoemal record
Broadcast record log
Fully record program broadcast date,time and broadcast times
Export log files by the terminal ID and date to the U disk
Support retain logs up to 1 month,automatically delaeted the log files beyond this time


42 inch advertising digital signage widely use for advertising promotion and information issue in shopping malls,hospitals,schools, suermarkets,banks,securities,hotels,commercial buildings,airports,stations,communication,public utilities,ect.