55 inch LCD splicing screen will be a desire in various fields

February 22, 2017

    With 2017 people's growing demand for screen use, liquid crystal splicing screen on the market is in short supply, a single display device has been unable to meet the pursuit of indoor and outdoor display screen, it's not, LCD video wall as an extension of the display screen equipment, using the modular splicing, joining together into a complete unit, through the entire LCD splicing unit will be displayed by visual effect of the reduction of the visual scene.


    Liquid crystal splicing screen has a thin appearance, small size, both from perspective of clarity, brightness, and color consistency of all aspects, such as showed a great advantage. As a supplier of commercial display solutions for DDW relying on technology advantage in liquid crystal display (LCD), combined with years of market experience, developed a series of more DDW LCD splicing products.

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    Recently DDW and launch a new product - 55 inch LCD video wall screen DDW - 1.8 mm seamless LW5508, highly attention the DDW - LW5508 LCD splicing screen, industry is very obvious advantages: high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, super wide Angle of view, let it in the display market. In addition, the 55 inch LCD splicing screen also use super narrow bezel design, bilateral splicing minimum is only 1.8 mm;


    This product has a built-in stitching controller, splicing function can be realized without more equipment, interface is complete, the support CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI signal input; Smart LED backlight adjustment can also be effective in relieving monitoring for a long time to watch the eye fatigue, more humane; Automatic temperature control system, energy conservation, environmental protection, make the monitor has higher stability and reliability. Professional OSD menu, the function is also very rich. Products also received the Chinese electrical appliances product compulsory certification (3 c), all components and packaging materials in line with international environmental standards, and to reflect on the installation and use this value.