Across the industry diversification luster liquid crystal splicing screen

November 4, 2016

    With each passing day today, LCD splicing screen is no longer merely hardware products, it is already a variety of commercial display a most important part of the solution, especially now that the LCD splicing applied to many fields, such as security, entertainment, radio and television each industry field, such as liquid crystal splicing the achievements in the market for many industries, both in video surveillance and city management applications LCD splicing a larger share of the application, with the mature of LCD splicing technology, liquid crystal splicing breakthrough began to appear many real-world applications.

Under the emperor ai emperor took everybody have a look at the LCD splicing screen areas of application:

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    The application of security surveillance industry

    In one line, two lines, three lines cities has been basically completed monitoring and alarm system by the construction of sd to hd, based on the unified national standards are conducting video surveillance resources of network integration. A line, second-tier cities have in-depth development on the basis of network video resources after integration of intelligent video analysis system, and achieved initial results. However, video monitoring system as a security control command platform security terminal display devices are bound to implement production scheduling automation, security monitoring, digital information resources integration center control management. The LCD splicing screen with high quality showed the effect of the security industry, and can be controlled by multiple liquid crystal cell block mutual combination, become a huge display device, to meet the needs of some large surveillance program, is quite popular in some high-end security field.

    The application of the hotel industry

    At present, in the "travel" and "business" two big consumption under the action of tension, China hotel industry as a whole shows a tendency of rapid growth, at the same time the traditional hotel industry also faces to upgrade. New business centre and the world, so that at the international business activities are increasing, it is more for the hotel industry to the internationalization, informationization transition bring great pressure. Among them, the hotel guests, especially for business guests, to represent the brand image, reflects the upgrade function of video equipment demand is higher and higher, large screen, high definition product be favored by the video terminal.