Advertising machine in the application of the hotel industry

October 8, 2016

    Advertising machine in the hotel use advertising machine is indispensable, advertising machine in the application of the hotel is in the service industry benchmarking, so, what is the application of advertising machine in the hotel industry?

    A, information release


    1, timely release hotel emergency notice, to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission.

    Real-time release of 2, entertainment around the hotels and tourist attractions of preferential information, information display and forecasting the weather, world clock, air quality, etc all kinds of daily information, to provide customers with fast and convenient information and personal value to customers, enhance customer satisfaction, improve service and brand of the hotel.


    3, large screen display on the day of the arrangements for the meeting, improve the grade of the hotel, breaks the paper propaganda cause waste of resources.


    Second, the propaganda


    1, targeted guests of the hotel brand promotion to loop for announcements of the hotel, and improve the effectiveness of the publicity, pertinence, improve the image of the hotel and building enterprise culture better.

Special covered waiting areas built in the hall 2, release the hotel's services, using the advantage of resources flow guest, effective propaganda all kinds of business.


    3, cooperate with merchants release information, shopping and tourist attractions of preferential activities, realize win-win situation of hotels and businesses.


    Three, the real-time interaction


    1, can be connected with meeting reservation system, timely release conference scene, meetings on live, interact with customers.


    2, don't we regularly organize activities, through the real-time interaction with customers, such as: the game live, celebrations, etc.


    That is about the application of advertising machine in the hotel industry, advertising machine can undertake information display in the hotel public areas, can be in the lobby, floors, stair, and placed everywhere, such as conference rooms, can play the hotel offers a full range of information services.