All-in-one touch screen digital signage have realized human-machine interaction in retail manufacture

August 5, 2016

Nowadays, advertising media emerge in an endless stream, digital signage is increasingly colorful and shows their own characteristics. Before the simple led advertising shows less informations and not consistent contents, the inconvenience traditional model of customer management can not meet the demand of shopping mall any more. The trend of the digital signage straight up, in order to explore the potential of shopping malls, digital, networking, intelligent digital multimedia information publishing system will continue to innovate, and constantly beyond fantasy.

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Speaking of all-in-one touch screen digital signage, we are familiar as the first thought should be a mobile phone. Now almost everyone have a touch phone, it facilitate the people’s life and opened up a public view. Under the dual promotion of skills development and the use of shopping malls, interactive use is agile diversity, and thus promote the development of interactive advertising touch machine. With all things use Internet era open, the format of the traditional retail career is rapidly changing, networking and mobile establish a typical element, traditional retailers if want to follow consumers shopping rhythm, to prevent to be out of the mall, digital transformation will become the inevitable. In this case, practical effect of interactive advertising machine is no reason to be rejected.


In practice, the public's control and visit is the specific performance to the interactive advertising digital signage to complete the use of the value, the diversification of the interactive skills has stimulated the public's visit to a greater extent. In the retail professional touch interactive digital signage not only can do whatever they want customized information, push information, and it also can make online and offline perfect interaction, completed between the two drainage, moreover advertising digital signage not only in appearance top-notch and shining with the color, also attract customer attention simply and make them stop to spend.