Are you sure you don't know the difference between the domestic television and commercial splicing wall

September 22, 2016

    Home all-in-one and commercial LCD splicing wall for a lot of people are silly points not clear, from the level of appearance, they can satisfy the desktop, wall hanging, hoisting, horizontal and vertical installation, can be designed according to different requirements of various occasions, they are used for dynamic images, also can be operation by remote control, looks like twins, but they are actually very different, in consumer category there is a big difference.

    Appearance design is different

    Commercial and home TV LCD splicing wall in good shows that under the premise of video, photo frame, in appearance design, user group properties, structure, and IC chip and circuit structure is different. For LCD TV, because it is need to put in the sitting room, bedroom and other household environment, so it needs very good collocation with furniture, designers usually from TV color, shape and other aspects; But for commercial LCD splicing wall, attention is often its broadcast video content, rather than the product itself, so you see a commercial LCD splicing wall of the fuselage is square, very concise and simple, and the color is black.

    The LCD splicing wall

    Interface with different

    LCD TV interface is equipped with a very rich, but the commercial liquid crystal splicing wall is unnecessary, they are usually equipped with is the most basic of DVI, D - Sub can see in the traditional display interface, and a new commercial display began to gradually increase the DisplayPort interface, etc., aim at multiple screen splicing input higher resolution video signal. For some special occasions, such as high temperature, low temperature of the outdoor environment, commercial LCD splicing wall will usually add overheating protection, heating, high brightness, waterproof, and other functions, and LCD TV is generally in a good indoor environment, will not have these features.

    Use (IC) core is different Is there a difference product

    Though they are like twins have "telepathy", but in some part of the way of thinking is also different. LCD TV and commercial LCD splicing wall another differences lies in the design of the IC chip and circuit structure. The role of the LCD TV is mainly broadcast TV and video, games, pictures, the main emphasis is a dynamic picture clarity, and less demanding to the accuracy of the color reduction, so the LCD TV IC chip main dynamic effect on the image and the extent of bright-coloured color optimization.

While commercial display mainly static text, images or video is dynamic, so for different USES manufacturer also can adopt different ways of calibration, and will be more emphasis on the accuracy of the color reduction, and LCD TV have bigger difference, in the set-up and high-end models will also be built-in color calibration system.

    The LCD splicing wall

    Different consumer groups

    Lead to the difference of the user community attributes to the design concept is completely different. For LCD TV, they mainly aimed at consumers is public individual users, and is almost every family essential items, usually is the main purpose of entertainment, is the carrier of TV shows, movies and games entertainment; While commercial LCD splicing wall is mainly for the commercial, public information display, medical treatment, education and training industry such as the user. Although the broadcast and the content of the liquid crystal TV, but purchasing commercial LCD splicing wall products of basic is not a personal user, but enterprises and administrative units, medical education institutions, organs, etc., both in the face of purchasing groups have very big difference, so for the manufacturers, according to these consumers different concepts and properties, they give the different characteristics of these products.

    For ordinary individual users, they need to LCD TV a stylish personalized appearance, convenient control, stable quality and excellent display effect. For the industry users, usually need to commercial LCD splicing wall work time is 7 * 24 hours, so the stability of product quality, reliability, damage resistance, aging resistance and low power consumption more stringent requirements are put forward.

Domestic LCD all-in-one and commercial LCD splicing wall actually, there are many different, today SHENZHEN           DDW TECHNOLOGY. CO, LTD as a commercial display industry veteran will do a simple analysis, both convenient for people to understand the difference between them, also have more cognition to the LCD panel. Commercial display is not only used in enterprises, and exhibition, entertainment, hotel, security, education, military, organizations, etc.