Back-to-school, tablet also changed (all-in-one) new look!

September 7, 2016

    Back-to-school everyone was in a hurry to sign up and summer vacation homework, go to the classroom only to find that the blackboard disappeared, many with a high school in every classroom all-in-one. This means that the department of education to all the teachers put forward higher requirements, requires teachers to change a piece of chalk on the platform of teaching mode, online teaching resources and the corresponding computer knowledge to design suitable for students of practical teaching approaches, but also make students more convenient and more comprehensive study. Teachers and students enthusiasm and pursue the passion of learning, this share to delve into the matter will certainly bring about a new upsurge of the school education teaching!latest company news about Back-to-school, tablet also changed (all-in-one) new look!  0

     DDW engineers, as parents, also for the new face of change to feel very good, and in their own professional cognition to replace traditional tablet touch machine advantage has made the analysis.

     1. Easy to operate with high efficiency

     Set computers, televisions, touch three big functions in the integration of product of new-style education, we can do conference speech, planning scheme, remote video conference, plug and play electronic document, and need not, slide projector, projection screen, computer display, such as extra equipment.

     2. Healthy environmental protection more security

     Both teachers and students, can enjoy the high efficiency, easy atmosphere of teaching. Big screen can replace the traditional teaching the blackboard chalk, the teachers and students can be away from the chalk dust, saves the use of chalk, learning environment more healthy.

     3. The rich learning interest and enthusiasm

     Rich imagination can to a certain extent, to better develop the students' ability of creative thinking. And rich imagination, often vivid, intuitive, and multimedia image of the picture is not open. Teaching integrated machine can create a good learning conditions for teachers and students can expand the wings of imagination, to better develop the students' creative thinking ability.

     4. Improve the students' reading ability

     Reading is a kind of enjoyment, is also a kind of way of thinking. Teaching integrated machine, can be used to guide the students to read the screen and voice language consciousness. It can also be equipped with a wonderful music, inspired students into reading, so as to improve students' reading ability.

     5. To strengthen the connection between the classroom and the real world

     Multimedia is one of the many schools in the application of the teaching mode, it can simulate a lot of real world situation, make things from the outside world in cooperative learning classroom, causes the student to obtain and closer to the real world experience. Various machines of teaching can strengthen the connection between the classroom and the real world.

     DDW think just the right touch machine to replace the traditional blackboard, both in teaching, education, and the environment improved, of course, the application of all-in-one teaching, after all, just as an adjunct to, can't completely replace the teacher's explanation, it seems, could not replace the language itself, so reasonable use can make the whole teaching quality.