Big screen splicing display system once again set off another "sports wind"

June 28, 2017

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the country, sports have been improved unprecedentedly. In recent days, the Chinese team in men's soccer match with Syria, let sports arena again ignited the passion of the fans, the line of sight from the team's game and win the audience as a highly cheers! Further testimony of sports activities is not just a sport, it has developed into a great career, and to get the attention of the country and the tendency of people, gradually become a trend in fashion, and sports venues exhibition display system as open the window of the sports play an important role!

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    Nowadays, the application of liquid crystal splicing schemes has been widely used, and it has gradually become the necessary display infrastructure for all major sports venues, so that the sports world is once again creating an alternative "sports style". In the field of display, DDW is the best leader of the display industry. What surprises will it bring to the stadium?


    DDW offers a seamless LCD Mosaic display for sports venues. It is different from the ordinary liquid crystal splice screen, which has more intelligent interaction performance, which makes it more unique. First LCD splicing is can customize according to different venues structure of different size of the LCD splicing big screen, it has a high and new processing technology makes splicing screen on the splicing technology of "seamless" can eliminate flicker, and reduction of complete and unified picture, bright color to keep saturated, the exhibition display visual shock; Again and LCD splicing screen display architecture can support multiple splicing screen combination, single cutting, according to the split screen shows any way such as display, have wider perspective will not affect any present location of the watch.


    However, the biggest feature of large screen splicing display system to stadiums to play the effect of the content, personalized, with multidimensional sensor technology with powerful processing chip, can carry out remote control, real-time playback personality prominent sports events, sports culture propaganda, the latest information, such as content, and make the designated personnel can interact immediately operation, make more intelligent application exhibition at the gym when the maximum efficiency, presents the modern latest sports wind, the time feeling extremely and yi yi is unripe brightness, can win more spectators love!


    DDW large screen splicing display system in integration of smart technology can be customized according to the different needs of different areas personalized pursuit, is suitable for besides sports venues can also be applied to the theatres, concerts, media advertising, and other fields of application of exhibition display system, can realize the different with the same liquid crystal display system effect of cost-effective value, for each place show the incomparable and beautiful!


    DDW as a first-class supplier of commercial display industry, with innovative technology integration for many years in the industry, then become the user to select display solutions for a lot of object, makes the DDW always has a positive momentum, energy innovation way more walk more yong in the industry, and in the future also won't disappoint, continue to go forward, walk in the forefront of The Times, leading industry moves towards glory!