Billboards have a bad influence to life?

September 27, 2016

    Recently, about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid crystal screen net friends have published their own views, each has his strong point, small make up according to everyone's opinions summarized some conclusions.

    First of all, the city of LCD splicing advertising screen, in a sense had some effects on the residents' life is undeniable, there are some people who live in downtown residents poor sleep quality, not easy to fall asleep at night, see the lights outside there will be a little dazzling, in part because of the cause of the people's pressure is too great, in part because of too busy around, the cause of the LCD screen can be seen everywhere, for some light sensitive people occasionally because of the influence of the LCD panel light.

    Under the abundant light color LCD screen will inevitably have some dazzling, but open the LCD screen advertising, in the evening not only against the hustle and bustle of the city, but also a natural decoration. For outdoor LCD screen generally is 24 hours of development, so we buy the LCD panel when the need to select no radiation energy efficient and environmentally friendly LCD screen, and city residents can choose the curtain of special material, isolated from the outside lights, LCD panel brings to the city, after all, is we all appreciate the wonderful.

    Managers of many cities will require the print ads, LCD screen, which is a new city.

In the bustling city adds a mystery to the night, high-rise buildings blocking the stars the moon, but the LCD screen gives us another kind of beauty of the night. Static, dynamic, colorful, through search in the corners of the city, be don't have the flavor of the city beauty, also witnessed the power of science and technology. With the LCD screen, our city more beautiful, can say to a certain extent, LCD screen is very good to beautify cities, especially in some scenic area, with the LCD screen to adorn, more prosperous.

   DDW LCD screen is applied to enterprises, army, school, hotel, KTV, shopping malls and other places, because of considering is a 24-hour, using the latest LED back light technology, hd is fluent, no radiation, low power consumption, energy conservation, environmental protection, the working time of up to 100000 hours