Break down:hotel digital signage system construction

December 30, 2016

    In information society, driven by the tide of digital life has become the norm in people's life. Hotel, as business people and high-end users as the target of service places, digital is faced with urgent task. Digital signage that has the reputation of "the fifth media" the emerging information communication platform nature became the first choice for the hotel industry. For the hotel user, on the construction of a digital signage system, how to convey information more effectively?

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    One, system construction, software cost control is the key


    In the field of current digital signage, technology of mature makes digital signage system hardware device does not exist too much difference, the price is more transparent. Generally speaking, if the user does not have special requirements, but the more conventional deployment, the overall price will not vary much. In actual construction, give priority to with optical media player screen and hardware hardware equipment selection is relatively easy for ordinary users.


    Draw a, is different from the hardware of the whole software of digital signage system is lack of unified standards, due to its main selling point is the manufacturer of ideas and services, so the price difference is very big. In choosing a product, the user must be clear is that a set of digital signage system, no matter how good the hardware device, if the content is pale unable to attract the attention of the audience, so the value of the system is zero. In hotel application, digital signage system is the main function of advertising, not only is the hotel itself, also includes other for-profit advertising, so content is more nots allow to ignore. In the software level, if the user want to investment in the surface of the waste, must clear their own needs, you don't take on too much perfection.


    Second, the LCD or plasma, all in accordance with the main content of the broadcast


    On the choice of display, the user often wander between the plasma and LCD. In general, each have advantages and disadvantages, the user to play according to the application environment of the system and the main content and selected. If it is in the hotel lobby clear environment, such as liquid crystal display device is more appropriate, because it has not only high brightness, low reflectivity, and low power consumption, green and energy saving. However, this does not mean that plasma products was useless in the hotel. From the vision, the plasma products higher contrast and more gorgeous color, very suitable for broadcast images of ultra-high dynamic it absolutely is the perfect choice for hotel the broadcast of big events.


    Hotel service object from all over the world, it is a pluralistic society, therefore, on the choice of a plasma or LCD, cannot treat as the same user according to its installation in the position of the hotel, and the main role to make the right choice.


    Three or more wise choice: will be digital network control to a third party operators

In the process of building a real, whether to digital network to a third party operator control and users the tangle of common points. The application of digital signage system and streamlining the escalating to with the passage of time, if the user control, will have enough ability to create content integration, make it play a greater efficiency. For the lack of enough professional knowledge of the user is obviously very difficult, but hotel digital network often larger, comprehensive is stronger, more is not easy. For users, therefore, to a third party is a forceful guarantee to maximize return on investment.