Building elevator advertising machine, leaving small card

September 12, 2016

    The past those ubiquitous small card boring not only affects the city, and some sticky strong small card very clean next, finally is there a way to alleviate this situation, in recent years many office building residential elevators are installed on the various models building advertising machine, the size of the elevator is the way every day, can not only help the elevator is permitted to pass time, can also help businesses attract more potential customers to buy its products, mutual benefit and win-win results, the following is for everyone to make a brief introduction of what are the features building advertising machine, why their products are very popular with the market.

    Building advertising machine more energy conservation and environmental protection

    Compared with the traditional advertising channels, more energy conservation and environmental protection building advertising machine, it can play more AD at a time, and there's no need to how much area, is also very convenient to install and suitable for major public places.

    Building advertising machine advertising more vivid

    Building advertising machine USES is high-definition LCD screen, high resolution high brightness bright colors, which makes it the video image effect is better, and can support a variety of promotions such as audio, video, pictures, subtitles, etc., give a person visual wallop more, let the customer more profound memory of advertising products.

    Beautiful generous grade building advertising machine

    Many senior office buildings and residential installation building advertising machine can greatly upgrade the community, after all the building closed to watch up to advertising or design is very beautiful, the smooth texture of the metal shell in plus touchpad LCD screen, the propaganda effect is more eye-catching.

    Building advertising machine maintenance is convenient

    General building advertising machine has function of automatic adjustment, and many of the networking building advertising machine can also support remote control and maintenance personnel do not need to the scene to the remote maintenance, saves the manpower cost greatly.

    Building advertising machine service life is long

    A building advertising machine can play a lot of advertising, it can also be all-weather operation, service life is very long, so many public places have installed building advertising machine.

    With advertising machine, no longer worry about small card flying, the city will no doubt greatly change, cleaner and to reduce a burden. Many times, liquid crystal advertisement machine don't have to be on a store or company, it also can do some good things, such as play some public service ads, after emperor ai emperor believe in the value of the advertising machine is not only business, but the combination of public welfare, commerce, consumer need to mutual benefit and win-win results.