China's new song, LCD display not absent

October 13, 2016

    China's new song ended the finals, but more is the result of the game in the cheers. The live broadcast of the biggest goal is the outcome of 81 voters cast out of the 81, in addition, the live broadcast of the rob mirror is not the player, not a mentor, but this LED LCD screen hole not only the audience, the photographer, also anxious audience watch camera also don't see the stage all staring at a broken screen. At the same time also on the other hand, illustrates the LCD screen on stage is of crucial importance.


    So vast, stage lights everywhere, the students perform a another peerless feast. Along the way carrying too many dreams and expectations, also witnessed the joy with touched, pride and shame, finally went to the most exciting moment, because there are not too much attention, and check the LCD panel, cause the game out some mismatches, fortunately, the game can go smoothly in the end, but the results give an answer to a riddle, all hearts Jiang Duihao and toward the ocean, who's the champion. This problem let the teachers good voice, for each big dealer show the problem of industry is to do the LCD quality better, and use the LCD screen to add detection and protect the quality of the LCD screen.


    Lighting teams of the NBA finals with German technology, with international first-class lighting technology and talent, said chief designer lighting Simon myers is the international top juicers, responsible for the super bowl in the United States and dancing with the stars show lighting design. Results on live radio or an accident, the scene an LED large screen is broken, in the background during the repair a times, but still didn't work. LED is fine, during rehearsal stage effect was the stick. Is the LED the sun behind the screen in the middle of three pieces of mobile screen, the front is LED lifting platform is said to be 11. In addition, we can see four auxiliary scattered from the screen, and around a screen, some netizens said the stage about the use of more than 1000 pieces of LED cabinet.


    DDW thinks, liquid crystal display has penetrated into all walks of life, liquid crystal display is not just at the scene of the new songs to hold position, also cannot absent in many other places of entertainment. In appearance and quality of service at the same time, keep up with is the hard truth, but sometimes not afraid of ten thousand afraid one thousand, so in quality assurance at the same time, strict check before using it, to give full play to LCD screens to maximize.