Come away trip and said the fire is on fire, the LCD panel

September 13, 2016

    The upgrading of tourism industry, led to a large number of domestic scenic spots, theme park construction boom, has also created new business opportunities for the display industry. In the tourism industry and the increasingly competitive environment, the scenic area, the park will create tourism as a key construction project of the difference, so in many places, large live performance has become a popular project. In this project, stage scenery is often the projector in the world, and in recent years, whether cooperate with security monitoring camera do or directly make beautiful beautiful scenery line, outdoor LCD screens are indispensable.

    In the progressive society, people increasingly pay attention to the spirit of enjoyment, working pressure, the mood of life, many people want a say go you go to travel, is a way to relax, impulse, is a kind of dream is a passion of life, but also a life attitude. So natural tourism is popular, and ensure the tourism have fun on the way the premise must be safe, almost a large tourist places are equipped with cameras, there a good supervision for tourists, so the market expansion is the inevitable trend of liquid crystal splicing screen, in addition, some large outdoor billboard is also on the tourist area, also can be used as a carrier, to create more revenue for the park, it in the field of tourism and theme park operator has become more and more popular. All in all, the rise of tourism to drive the LCD market.

    Related survey, the third quarter of this year, the overall travel intention is 83.02%, compared with the second quarter growth. In summer, under the influence of such factors as the National Day holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, domestic tourism market is expected to maintain steady growth in the second half year. This year the number of domestic tourists is expected to reach 4.4 billion, an increase of about 10%; Number of outbound tourism rose 4%, the international tourism income growth of about 5%. Recently, the national tourism administration officials said that tourism is the force of the economic growth, promote the transformation and upgrading, achieve strong enterprise innovation engine.

    Usually need to in order to provide better experience, the park offers visitors route guidance, notification, and emergency release information services. In the field, digital signage display system based on liquid crystal display, including which has the function of touch screen, has a broad application prospect. In order to make tourism projects, many scenic display of local culture, more and more get the dynamic display of video and animation, for the use of large screen display device provides the fertile soil. Some scenic spots in the installation process, for example, LCD display, such as rolling broadcast local cultural tourism publicity; In some of the characteristics of physical display at the same time, using projection to create simulations, LCD screens to provide relevant information. In the operating area, can use the big screen display system. For example, in the security monitoring command center area demand big screen as the display terminal control charts, maps, and other important information, so that security bud to society in the park, it will also DLP, LCD, LED display application provides a more small spacing.

     The noise of the city, and set aside all other thoughts, give yourself a said go go travel, give security cameras and splicing screen, the best for the journey and LCD screen, DDW as a supplier of LCD display with the person this, the best effect is presented to the user.