Commercial display should contribute to the protection of cultural relics

October 12, 2016

    As the opening of the national work conference on the protection of cultural relics, xi jinping, general secretary of the three sentences "maxim", let a person rushed to universal appeal. Security work of protection of cultural relics caused the buzz of the people, especially the commercial liquid crystal display industry of a boom.


    "GongZaiDangDai, cabinet". The development of human civilization depend on cultural inheritance, pass on from generation to generation. No previous culture, there would be no today's cultural achievements. Culture for a country and society, but the development of power, but also the ladder of the progress of civilization. Historical relics as bearing carrier of human civilization, but also nots allow to ignore. The protection of cultural relics is a long-term arduous task. As a commercial display solutions provider, is rightfully Shared responsibility, state and society to make due contributions to protect the cultural relics, so on peacefully guards against the product of technological innovation becomes imminent.

    With the ancients rules, open their dough. Innovation must be in the history of the original on the basis of the result of continuous development. Let history, cultural relics. Historical experience will let us avoid detours, wasted effort, in order to improve efficiency, to achieve a good effect of get twice the result with half the effort.     Emperor taizong once laments: "with copper as the mirror, can is the headgear; with history as a mirror, can know replaced; looking-glass self, can gain and loss in the Ming dynasty." With history as a mirror, the rise and fall of the dynasty truth makes us remember how progress, how to avoid repeating them. Historical relics, therefore, to a certain extent, is our source of innovation and motivation. Innovation requires strong spiritual power, and the inoculation of the culture is the spiritual motive force, like the relationship between teachers and students, without the guidance of teachers, students relying on their own a little bit to practice is almost impossible. Person's life is limited, a lot of things can't one by one to practice by oneself, we can only with the help of our predecessors, and standing on the shoulders of giants, to the limited life, play to the value of the infinite, stand higher and see farther. Technology innovation as well. Commercial display system of security, is committed to be strong that jiggled security monitoring situation, should understand the importance of cultural relics protection for innovation and development.

    An industry or enterprise should assume their social responsibility, on the national development needs to contribute. The commercial display in terms of security, should be in the country on the protection of cultural relics of their due responsibilities and obligations. Commercial display industry's leading brands, more should be as own duty, to speed up the security system of technology innovation. Such as samsung, sharp, LG, DDW and so on. Shenzhen DDW technology co., LTD

    Always take "responsibility, mutual aid, service customers, innovation and development" as the core value of enterprise, incident heat has a concern for the protection of cultural relics, accelerating technological innovation, hope on the protection of cultural relics of the state out of a force.