Compared with traditional advertising LCD advertising machine have what advantage

September 9, 2016

     Used in traditional is generally selected media advertising light box advertising, light boxes of its light box panel to make roll rotation, or a further deepening the design of the 3 d effect picture. But since the modern digital signage market continue to grow stronger, and LCD advertising machine in the domestic popularity seems also follow high water ship rise, there was an obvious replace LCD advertising machine power of traditional advertising light box! Which is today the author in this thesis to discuss exactly is what kind of advertising methods are increasingly valued? More widespread popularity? The emperor of emperor ai fashion information of LCD advertising machine or traditional advertisements? Below we together and see it!latest company news about Compared with traditional advertising LCD advertising machine have what advantage  0

     DDW LCD advertising machine has advantages: using other nowadays entertainment language since its debut LCD advertising machine, with its own images broadcast non-stop change, advertising coverage is becoming more and more widely, such as entertainment, advertisers, shopping malls, clothing, food and beverage and other high-end fashion companies choose LCD advertising machine as propaganda, the promotion tools. Make merchants low-input high-yield, more environmental protection to reduce paper frivol loved by businesses with the user, the advantages of the static advertising against into video ads, subtitles ads, images, sound, make the person can feel more on visual, sound sleep, more can understand simple in consciousness, more can assist those often because of high spray painting and change content not convenient and not as a businessman.

     And compared with the traditional advertising light boxes left its advantage, which the service life of the most powerful also by liquid crystal advertisement machine service life can reach 5-10 years, the function and cost of electricity only small amount of the down, from a temporary stated in it is not hard to see the progress of science and technology, the development of s has many traditional industries, traditional products are thrown away by this number s, but the rapid development of the liquid crystal advertisement machine, make each city from visible at any time, spread of information and promoting civilization plays an important effect, whether advertising light box on the sink, isn't it more to attract the audience attention, trust you heart has already seen!