Coping with a display patchwork, LCD splicing infinite prospect

September 30, 2016

    The development of large screen splicing market comes from the development of the three major technology, three techniques have their own advantages, but since the emergence of LCD technology, replaced the large screen joining together most of the market. LCD LCD splicing, splicing technology is also called the LCD splicing display unit because of its thin screen and become a new splicing display technology of the lead, so since the advent of LCD splicing, has received extensive attention of the market, and by the splicing manufacturers in the extreme. Especially when samsung launched did panel LCD splicing in the development of the market. DLP rear projection splicing enemy LCD splicing infinite prospect.

    As everybody knows, the LCD splicing screen is the biggest advantage of ultra-thin screen to attract people's attention, its hd display effect is are popular with consumers, compared with the traditional display of joining together, its price is relatively cheap. In liquid crystal splicing screen market, some manufacturers stitching like 40 inches of liquid crystal screen are beginning to price cut, 46 inch, can see the LCD splicing unit only need thousands of yuan. At present, the LCD splicing screen with big market advantage, is not only a hd display and ultra-thin screen, its broad market is quite amazing. Security field of liquid crystal splicing screen to see is already known. And in the financial, education, etc in various fields has been spread slowly, these industry demand, but also in the market share on large screen LCD splicing rapidly increase.

     Continue to fall as the LCD splicing screen flat-fell seam, also make people growing demand for LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing screen from 2009 the latest generation of birth, LCD splicing wall began to say goodbye to the past "ultra thick borders", a one-time after bilateral down to less than 7 mm thickness, as the LCD splicing the most core technology index of flat-fell seam breakthrough unceasingly, from 7.3 to 6.7, then reduced from 6.7 to 5.5 mm, now the LCD splicing wall started from DLP splicing wall products do not have the cost advantage of edge to the core of the command and control center application market segment the market evolution. LCD splicing technology continuously strengthen, splicing screen LCD market will continue to rise, become the mainstream technology splicing screen market.

    DDW think: as the splicing narrowing of the gap and cost competitive advantage, the LCD splicing will become the pioneers of the joining together of brand new application market, at the same time, it will become a strong competitor of DLP rear projection splicing. Whether from the technical or from the market LCD splicing will have unlimited space for development. As a manufacturer of DDW, constantly updated technology, its superior performance to win the market share.