Creative advertising on the metro

October 19, 2016

    Shenzhen as the first special economic zone of China's reform and opening-up, China's reform and opening to the outside of the window, has developed into a certain influential international city, as one of the most young vigor in the first-tier cities of shenzhen, not only created a remarkable "shenzhen speed", at the same time enjoy the reputation of "design it all", etc. And at the same time as a permanent population exceeds thousands of city, the traffic is a major influence factors of traffic, in recent years, the traffic development has stepped into the subway. Edison lobao line and longhua line operation starting from 2004, shenzhen traffic over the years the qualitative leap, shekou line, line 3, ring line and airport line opened one after another. The rapid development of subway became the first choice for passengers, has become the many merchants advertising preferred. Subway because of the traffic was a big advantage to attract advertisers, constantly derived from subway advertising form is also varied, subway advertising the diversification trend of prompt in all walks of life are joined the camp of metro advertising layout. For the subway advertising, its main forms are nothing more than the following:

    1. The car posters, passenger car, due to the stability and comfort of subway passengers can either sitting or standing fully accept advertising information.

    2. The platform light boxes, passengers can enjoy viewing ads (premise is advertising creative).

    3. The channel posters, passengers in and out of the station will place, passengers to eliminate rush in a hurry, or there will be a large part of the passengers will see the poster.

    4. Channel light box, located in the subway stations within the channel; Draw attention to the passengers more efficiently, improve the passengers' desire to consume.

    5. Channel box promenade, distribution of passengers is most concentrated in a few channels; In the closed channel, passengers can see the ads automatically.

    6. The platform light box promenade, advertising within all on one side of the subway track light box; Media is the most creative sensation type.

    7. Escalator side wall posters, up and down the stairs of passengers can directly contact to these posters, close to see.

    8. Large wall stick, show the area is large, form one, strong visual impact, huge audience.

    9. A special place, is located in the subway station entrances or ticket booth above; Unique location, area is large, eye-catching, is the largest subway advertisements in the media.

    Subway station advertising forms and location will be set according to business requirements, such as subway station, subway tunnel are mostly light boxes advertising; Inside, escalator side walls in the form of posters, etc.

Second, the subway advertising advantage

    1. Passengers enter the subway station space is relatively closed, do not like outdoors open, so the passengers' eyes will be very easy to spread to all around, are constantly to wait around so the subway advertising became passengers to pass the time of choice, at the same time, the diversity of subway advertising also let passengers have more choice, they can choose their favorite advertising to watch. When people after a subway tunnels, casual browsing channels on both sides of the posters; While waiting for the car, eyes will be attracted by the advertisements on the platform; After driving, because of the space is narrow and doing nothing, car poster and multimedia, can attract more people to read. So relative to other outdoor advertising, subway has a higher attention.

    2. The target group is fixed, the subway ads for subway passengers more target group, and the subway passengers for passengers to work more, they travel starting point and end point is fixed, for the same section of high visibility advertising. Relative to the street signs such as outdoor advertising media, subway advertising audience is relatively fixed.

    3. Advertisements in a variety of forms, subway advertising broke the general pattern of outdoor advertising a lot of time is given priority to with print ads, it will print ads, television ads, radio and newspaper ads and other organic integration, may stimulate the target audience through a variety of forms of the senses, and implement advertising better.

    Three, subway advertising new forms

    1. More than a new form of advertising for the LED display screen and liquid crystal splicing display, because of the posters and light boxes to maintain and update cost is high, the subway advertising gradually transformed into digital sign forms. Compared to on the one hand, the LED display screen and liquid crystal splicing poster is much more convenient maneuverability and can connect a computer or network control shows the contents of advertisements, on the other hand, maintain and update the advertising are all can be done via the Internet. A great extent, improve the efficiency of the promotion.

    2. The form of slides and video form, less to audio, this kind of play greatly attract the attention of the subway passengers.

    3. Strong visibility, subway advertising display of LED and LCD splicing screen, information display is clear, advertising creative passengers can bring visual impact.

    4. The right time, when you can see the platform display advertising, ride can watch the car advertising, advertising updates can be through the network to operate.

    5. Targeted, can be more effective touch of young, high income group.

    6. Environment, beautify the subway station of advertising to the comings and goings of passengers a shopping pleasure, waiting for them as if into a fine stores.