Daily maintenance of LCD advertising machine

April 24, 2017

  With the surging trend of information technology, digital information push, digital signage has grown, LCD advertising machine, LCD monitors, LCD wall has become the trend of application in various fields, and efficient monitoring HD digital office. The popularity of LCD advertising machine is getting higher and higher, but some users still do not understand the use of maintenance, so that the overall performance of the system decreased, so the maintenance of the product is very important. So Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail how to carry out maintenance and how to solve some common problems.
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  1 if you encounter a liquid crystal advertising machine in the course of the day after the use of plug in the power supply when there is no response, the first thing to do is to check whether the special power supply, which is a common problem in practical applications. The user can try to take down the advertising machine to open the back cover to check to see whether the material is off or loose phenomenon. Test method: if the indicator light is used to prove that the power supply is power, the power failure problem is excluded. Next, the user needs to check in turn on the decoder board, advertising machine driver board, high voltage bar, horn, LCD screen on the power to see if there is a problem with the parts caused by electricity.
  2 may sometimes LCD advertising machine start up no sound, no display screen, the front panel lights flashing, there is no sound, this time back to open the LCD advertising machine, then use a multimeter to check the driver board on whether the effects of electricity, then check the horn wire connection is normal. If the speaker has big noise, that driver board advertising machine has been damaged, can be replaced. The screen no display screen, the user needs to check the display signal line and the computer is strong, Jack and carefully check the signal line if there is a problem, if there is damage to the phenomenon of broken pin bending, the need for timely replacement.