DDW Analysis: Who Can Be The LCD Splicing Screen Under A Winner

August 31, 2016

     With the development of liquid crystal splicing screen technology constantly updated, at the same time also faces all sorts of problems to be resolved.  latest company news about DDW Analysis: Who Can Be The LCD Splicing Screen Under A Winner  0

    1, industry admittance threshold low, chaos caused by industry. Due to the low LCD splicing industry business threshold, businesses want to get into the industry such as low cost, simple process, lead to industry saturation, competitive, excess capacity and a series of problems. Plus electricity for its impact, because the registration fee is not high, everyone can register a shop on the net sales of liquid crystal splicing screen, causing businesses such as sea, consumers dazzling.

    2, lack of industry standards and industry leaders

Cause the LCD splicing screen industry as another important reason is the lack of industry standards. The LCD splicing screen industry developing fast, just a few short years is growing rapidly. National regulators for LCD splice plate of supervision is not enough, to keep pace with the development of liquid crystal splicing screen, led industry specification is missing, the powerful industry specification is not comprehensive. Moreover, industry development industry merchants countless, restricted the industry development. Merchants in the fierce, cruel market competition and price competition in the industry of bitter is difficult to develop, industry the dominance of the difficult. And long-term price wars in the past, making businesses in other aspects of development limited, local businesses almost no industry leader. As subsoil LCD splicing industry years of business supply experts - / science and technology, in view of the above industry, starts from oneself, establish product quality flag, adhere to technological innovation, is committed to become the industry benchmark, contribute to the development of industry. On technical innovation, the look should not be limited to their own technological innovation, but the innovation direction of cross-border, particularly with the fusion of Internet technology; On the market service, niche applications, detailed market services, to provide customers better products and services.

   Your company information:

Originally founded in 2009, shenzhen DDW technology co., LTD. (DDW) own brand focus

In the commercial liquid crystal display products/solution development, manufacturing and international marketing. Over the years has been committed to the field, we have accumulated enough experience in a commercial grade LCD video wall system, digital signage system customization kiosk.

The development of these years, we won the good reputation of the clients. Some of our customers is the world's foreign companies such as foxconn group, hon hai precision industry co., LTD., co., LTD., DASO Japan janda group, China telecom, China construction bank, HSBC bank (HSBC) and so on. The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, customer supreme, quality service, abide by the contract" purpose, with high quality products, good reputation, high quality service, the products sell well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide. DDW wholeheartedly with your common development, create brilliant!

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