DDW, dealer network in the red a desire

September 14, 2016

    Blush commonly known as "paralysis", but the fire ah, can make money, but for how long? Followed this pattern is not yue on many areas, it is understood that companies that do business now screen thousands of home, since rise display screen, LCD screen is to start the business industry, appearance is more and more high-end atmosphere, content is more and more rich and colorful, interactive way more and more diverse, is finding wider and wider application scenario, the solution is more and more perfect. This seems to be a booming industry, but just how to distinguish the dazzling market?

    As a dealer network of red a desire, DDW think in appearance and service at the same time, keep up with the quality is the absolute principle. Quality not increase cost, but also can reduce costs, "improve quality is to increase the cost of" this is people's understanding of the quality idea, actually for manufacturing, defective rate fell, the cost will drop, so there is no need for inspection and correction of defective product costs, no bad product, saves the material change, adjust the cost of the machine; Due to the reduce of defective product more production opportunities; In the case of the defective rate reduce, can improve the production capacity of continuous production.

    You think DDW just adopted international giant samsung's LCD panel, a new generation of industrial work time up to 100000 hours to attract users? Products also used a lot of high-tech technology, targeted to product brightness, flat-fell seam, image decomposition and combination features such as tested, with super light, thin, long life, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, no radiation, the advantages of the hd solution.

    DDW newest liquid crystal display technology and pure hardness high-speed real-time splicing control technology in one, a built-in splicing control processor and digital matrix, matrix without plugins. At the same time direct input VGA, HDMI, AV, DVI signal source array. All the freedom of the input signals can be displayed in the LCD splicing screen, fully support across the screen, roaming, head picture in picture, superposition, touch screen, zooming and other high-end display function, fully meet the demand of various industries. The high resolution achievement of 1920 * 1080 p hd display screen, used as security, effective monitoring picture every detail, to achieve the best effect of security protection. Very narrow edge, flat-fell seam as low as 3.5 mm, exhibit the unified picture.