DDW engineer read LCD splicing screen debug method

September 5, 2016

    As a video display terminal equipment LCD splicing screen application in all walks of life, is one of the popular, but after the installation of LCD splicing screen need to debug the stability of signal to the screen, to use, so specific from what respect to debug?

    Usually the LCD splicing screen appear what problem need to debug? Normally, the LCD splicing system hardware installation will not have a lot of time is relatively simple, and debugging the latter is more complicated. Video wall system debugger, the image is not clear. If the display is not satisfactory, especially in the low light, the edges of the blurred image, high resolution (source) sense of interference fringe image gives a stack frame (or lost), the result is: liquid crystal Mosaic image does not contain a specific phenomenon, immediately to determine whether the product is not available.

    Display video source debugging, eliminate the need to pay attention to two points:

First: can be segmented check first, assuming a certain period of the existing problems, and then check it out later, problem solved, can save time for other parts of the check. If the problem is not solved, but also to correct all the equipment, first check whether the resolution of the signal source and the resolution of the display terminal, only in this way can we form a point to point, according to the brightness of the image can also be improved obviously, if the VIDEO signal is also depends on whether the system can be adapted to display terminal, if not meet the requirements of the display terminal, can exchange by equipment or to increase the conversion equipment to change the nature of the signal, such as times of line use, can improve the VIDEO signal for VGA VIDEO signal.

    The second: the distributor and the bandwidth of the matrix switcher rather than on the impedance of the signal source, will be within the scope of the standard distance makes image loss minimum. Finally see the focus and display devices, whether normal, and the signal processing circuit are in good condition. The most important thing is: when construction, strictly control the signal connectors, secure interface, regular ribbon cable and power cable and signal lines, and should be reliable grounding, such as not using UPS power supply, ac power grounding to do a total, the two ends of the line mark, convenient examination and management.

    Analysis: according to the situation, such as asynchronous, synchronous interface cables and transmission equipment, control and display terminal synchronization signal source frequency within the scope of the inspection point. Through the analysis of image ghosting, if transmission cable is too long and carefully, the solution is in line, or increase the signal amplifier and other equipment. Bad focus can adjust the display terminal, and so on.