DDW LCD image points for catering industry

January 5, 2017

    Pour into with the era of the Internet wave, intelligent life increasingly deep into people's life, food and beverage industry is no less, good faith to the tenet of "saying" claims, satisfy customer's individuation demand, have introduced the application of intelligent equipment. In such a competitive restaurant industry, if only the temptation of food already cannot satisfy the customer demand, its beautiful and function in the integration of repast environment has become a necessary condition for consumers to choose the restaurant, which is customer first impression of the restaurant.     DDW as commercial LCD display solution provider with its advanced intelligent display technology, image points for catering industry!

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    DDW LCD panel with high light, no radiation, energy conservation, environmental protection, dynamic, vivid exquisite large scene strong shock effect, has received the favour of many food and beverage such as the application of a gourmet restaurant, DDW LCD screen can provide colorful dishes to choose the price discount of information and real-time updates, let the customer timely access to the latest dishes type information at the same time also can promote information, thus manifests the restaurant's food culture.

    To have sprung up in the New Year's day holiday meal "food flow" phenomenon, people leisure can chat with friends and family meals together, all sorts of meals were appeared in every large restaurant, those characteristics, personalized restaurants are long, it is to highlight the charm of the restaurant. When the customer walked in the lobby, restaurant is bright, clear images of food pattern is rolling on the LCD screen, quick service mode to abandon the original static rigid menu billboards and posters, vividly show the restaurant's delicious food, let customers shine at the moment, I patiently tour screen in attracting customers.

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    Especially holiday restaurant people full and phenomenon of line up, waiting for dinner is easy to cause customer anxious, if have a LCD screen, customers can through the big screen playing blockbuster movie or design can also be good restaurant culture plays out in the form of interest, let the customer feel better, willing to wait for at the same time also can provide customers with more consumption of reference, so as to retain customers.

    Is eating at this time of the customers can enjoy the delicious food to enjoy movies, build on life value of the perfect experience for the customer! With happy mood repast, virtually created the new way of marketing for restaurants, sets up the brand for restaurants, raise awareness, build the special visual atmosphere, but also deepen the impression of restaurant customers, greatly attract more customers!

    LCD screen not only is the most dazzling a halo screen whole dining room, is also a display of modern intelligent digital services sign, it is a restaurant culture and the essence of service in a body. DDW set display bigger with its outstanding technology, form diversification, etc, meet the needs of the restaurant culture, the user's satisfaction is the power for DDW innovative products!