DDW LCD splicing display system

December 29, 2016

DDW fourth-generation narrow bezel LCD video wall special use Samsung LCD panel, a highly integrated the advanced and high speed image processing technology, designed for video display, high brightness, high definition, the picture is exquisite, color saturation and perfect show every detail of the picture. Splicing screen unique 3 d digital noise reduction technology in a simulated high-definition monitor system, ISP noise reduction technology to upgrade traditional 2 d to 3 d, on the basis of the original frame of noise reduction, strengthen the function of noise reduction between frame and frame; Simulation HD ISP in the image on the features such as wide dynamic also had the very big promotion, in terms of wide dynamic processing, simulation of HD wide dynamic technology, ISP also implements the frame to make image part details are more clear, light and shade is closer to the human eye to see the actual effect.

In terms of display control, controlled by the exclusive patented technology, intelligent wireless control, change control terminal screen, realize the computer control domestic terminal; HD picture switch more convenient. Can through the control of intelligent split screen at the same time, any combination of intelligent, smart split screen mainly has the effect of single independent display, image roaming and picture in picture display, image superposition, the whole screen display, the picture such as tensile, can also according to customer requirements for control.


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    LCD splicing system is the combination of large space, can be spliced one-on-one, can also be more about the whole screen splicing. Projects generally have stitching requirements, will to choose of system and the application of the product, only to analyze the project and discuss in order to formulate the corresponding solutions. Projects need according to the requirements of customers of the input signal choose different video processing system, realize the whole rule standard video video signals, independent VGA, DVI input, at the same time to satisfy the use of different occasions, different signal input requirements. By applying the software control screen, and centralized management image display, realize all kinds of signal switching, joining together into a full screen display, any combination, etc.


    LCD splicing screen screen automatically refresh the function also is a great innovation, it can not only effectively prevent and also can eliminate image still the ghosting, the temperature of the liquid crystal molecules in 0 ~ 60 degrees within the scope of work, if the liquid crystal molecules in high temperature working long hours and long boot will appear burn and death fluid phenomenon, which greatly influenced the service life of the LCD panel. And schindler's screen refresh function independently, not only changed the activity in the liquid crystal molecules under the environment of high temperature for a long time, also greatly enhance the service life of the LCD panel.


    LCD splicing screen is widely used in monitoring system of the country's financial management, national resources information display system, safe city center, security system, public security emergency system, call center, railway and other transportation button on the monitoring system, monitoring system of large factories and mines, TV and large entertainment center, outdoor advertising, and other fields. Liquid crystal splicing not only can the various forms of digital signal input displayed on the screen, but also can realize the combination of signal, switch, largely enriched the diversity of display effect.


    LCD splicing screen, on the other hand, are generally working 24 hours a day, all year round, it's about the quality of the stitching screen has strict request, splicing wall LCD screens are choose high reliability and unique display LCD screen, at the same time ensures the long-term stability of the display, and splicing screen structure and process design, ensures that the splice screen without radiation and interference from external electromagnetic fields. Only the joining together of high performance, high quality screen, can realize the best display of the splicing screen effect.