DDW LCD splicing screen advantages highlighted

September 6, 2016

    LCD splicing technology development today is a day, from the initial project, government agencies to now all kinds of industries, and a liquid crystal splicing screen as a high-end consumer goods are flying with the attitude of common alleys, shine in our surrounding. LCD splicing screen development speed is superlatively, investigate the root cause is in recent years, the expansion of the market demand, competition intensification and so on a series of factors, time to drive the LCD splicing industry reshuffle. DDW struggle in the field of liquid crystal splicing screen for many years, from the initial plowed into the LCD splicing screen professional manufacturers, domestic famous birth of frontier technology keen competition consciousness and in time of peace prepare for war, forging the 2016 DDW LCD splicing screen booming "spring".latest company news about DDW LCD splicing screen advantages highlighted  0


    Industry needs to expand. In a few years before the application of liquid crystal splicing screen is relatively narrow, most of the security industry limited to government agencies, used as a monitor, because the LCD splicing screen splicing method is convenient, flexible monitoring more than just the demand of the screen display system, LCD splicing wall just meets this need. In recent years, liquid crystal splicing screen opens the popular populist route model, from high above the clouds slowly go down, in a perfect into entertainment, shopping, education, finance, enterprise in the fields of process, liquid crystal splicing screen also appears more ground. According to statistics, in the LCD splicing screen application market, the government needs almost occupied half of the industry, is still the mainstream application market, so, gradually involved in the industry, and to expand the application field of radiation around, is the current liquid joining together the necessity of developing market.

    To promote the development of brand. Today, with the constant development of the current splicing technology, big screen splicing are well known, the development of technology is constantly refresh record, nearly perfect big screen also emerge in endlessly. In recent years, with good stitching market situation, to join the LCD splicing screen manufacturers more and more, brand development becomes a trend, in the fierce market, also gave birth to some like DDW good LCD splicing brand enjoys a high reputation in the domestic, with excellent LCD splicing screen products and warm service to win the market recognition. In 2016, the DDW LCD splicing screen to deliberate on the road at the brand, to the quality of the products and quality service, promote the development of liquid crystal splicing screen.


    Technological innovation drive market demand. Spell the seam, the seam directly affects the size of the LCD splicing screen display effect, flat-fell seam as a fatal flaw of LCD splicing screen, with LCD splicing screen appear and appear, always is often the focus of the market. And some strong domestic manufacturer to walk at the forefront of technology in this area. With flat-fell seam technology unceasing development, the future of the LCD splicing is bound to achieve zero flat-fell seam, on the other hand, high resolution, ultra-thin panels, narrow thin borders and the wide application of LED backlight, make the whole industry will be to seek more cost-effective products, including a larger size, smaller flat-fell seam, moderate intensity, and the right price, this trend makes the industry to develop in the direction of price transparency, product is benign, and joining together with other technology products more advantages in the competition.

    Has already passed more than half 2016, in the whole domestic joining together the circumstances of the market was booming, the advantage of DDW liquid splicing screen highlights gradually, with constant technology innovation, to create excellent brand, leading industry believe fertile liquid splicing screen in the application of the future market.