DDW: LCD splicing screen enormous superiority industry development prospects.

October 21, 2016

    Security industry development very fast in recent years, and with safe city, intelligent transportation and other large projects, increasing demand for security monitoring in the market! Liquid crystal splicing screen relies on its own hd, highlighting, high contrast, low power consumption and a series of shows advantage was regarded as the best display terminal security surveillance industry displays its demand also presents ascendant trend.

    1920 x 1080 LCD splice screen super high resolution, 700 CD/m2 brightness, 3000:1 178 degrees high contrast, wide Angle of view, to support full 1080 p hd video display, high color saturation image is exquisite, the screen body thin and environmental protection and energy saving in response to national energy conservation and environmental protection concept, long life to maintain low cost more in line with the investment demand of audience, these high performance characteristics are very suitable for the requirement of security monitoring environment and the actual application; Based on the picture a zoom to full screen hd still fine details like the DDW USES the disintegration of "dynamic ultra technology" can easily implement this functionality, the application in the large size is very good, is popular with the large size of the market,   seamless LCD splicing screen rendering pictures without slit is more advantage is also the major LCD splicing manufacturer to the joint efforts of the goal, the current LCD splicing samsung has launched on the market of the world's most narrow side LCD splicing products, bilateral flat-fell seam is only 1.4 mm!

    Face economic situation in 2016, the enterprise needs to adjust the industrial structure in order to keep pace with the market demand, the diversified development of liquid crystal splicing technology for the application of liquid crystal splicing bring Gospel, 3 d technology, multi-touch technology, network digital modular Gao Qinghua assignment for liquid crystal Mosaic products and so on technology, has a strong technical support for the LCD splicing of security monitoring system of power, and as the special-shaped splicing the birth of the special functions such as liquid crystal Mosaic products, screen rendering results with different visual experience, hd is the premise of creative and beautiful place is backed up by flexible and convenient to install. To some extent, the LCD splicing market prospects are very broad.