DDW LCD splicing screen with strong advantages in city commercial circle

October 14, 2016

    DDW LCD splicing screen in the field of commercial application, from the beginning more professional and high-end application extension to now covers business, entertainment, public management, and other segmentation applications. Other areas of technology development are gradually integrated into the LCD splicing screen areas, upgrading the LCD splicing technology and development. Intelligent control and the combination of network technology and the LCD splicing technology, make the LCD splicing system gradually tend to be more intelligent, easy to network transmission and control, to meet the diverse needs of the user. Thus the DDW ultra narrow edge in commercial applications are favored by more and more. It DID compared with DLP, MPDP, have what advantage?

    DLP rear projection splicing is characterized by simple, easy to do large size, good view, flat-fell seam is small (below 1 mm and 0.5 mm). Defect is large footprint, life is short, use 2500-5000 hours, need to change the light bulb, the maintenance cost is high, because of the DLP display USES multiple display element joining together, picture quality is not high, to a certain number of stitching will appear uneven color and brightness. It appears in a certain extent, make up for the defect of the CRT joining together, meet the needs of the market, the price in the middle, as mainstream products on the market at present. MPDP splicing features a high contrast, high brightness, good view, good color, dynamic picture is clear, smaller volume, smaller flat-fell seam below (6 mm). Disadvantage is that the reliability is not high, easy to out of order, maintenance cost is higher, need high pressure work for a long time, there is a certain risk, high power consumption easy fever, according to the static images easy to burn, brightness decay faster, and repair.

    DDW LCD splicing is rising, the market is characterized by low power consumption, best quality, can work continuously for a long time, high resolution (high resolution), bright colors, rich color level, can produce different grey class times and millions of kinds of color of beautiful beautiful image, high reliability, long life and low maintenance costs (little), the most frivolous, the smallest, size is complete, all sizes can be arbitrarily splicing, quickly attracted the user's eye.

    DDW LCD splicing is gradually into the people live and work in recent years, the new display of carrier. Due to its fashion, low radiation, energy saving, save a space, splicing gap is small, stable, clear picture, is loved by the masses of users. With the start of the market, the price drop, make more users have the opportunity to use this product. So the LCD display unit of wall, began to be popularized and applied in all walks of life. Now has become a large-scale exhibitions, public places, video conference, multi-function hall, television, entertainment, television monitoring places such as indispensable display devices, advertisement in business but also get the favor of users.

    About the DDW

    SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD mainly adopts a new generation of samsung panel, and with the Chinese authorities to provide test report, 3 c certification, etc., in southern China, north China, southwest and central China, east China and corresponding five regional offices. Emperor ai emperor launched a range of DID the LCD splicing series with high cost performance, main product model are 32 inches, 40 inches, narrow narrow side 46 inch, ultra narrow side 46 inch, ultra narrow edge 55 inch splicing 70 inch to 82 inch screen models and monomer monomers such as model, provide standard Mosaic series, diverse patchwork, vertical screen advertising, video conference, monomer monitor series, such as multiple solutions to choose from, but according to the specific needs and the actual situation and design the corresponding solutions, can provide more personalized splicing scheme designed, widely used in security, command center, the entertainment industry, business exhibition, advertising media, convention and exhibition center, financial center, etc.

    SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD take "responsibility, mutual enhancement, service customers, innovation and development" for the enterprise core values, adhering to the "rigorous, responsibility, service, innovation" management idea, with "integrity, self-discipline and Thanksgiving" as enterprise's behavior standards, adhere to the "share a win-win, harmonious development" with the customer of the cooperative principle.