DDW Provide LCD Splicing Wall System Solutions For You

August 31, 2016

    With the development of LCD technology, in order to ensure the LCD splicing screen picture complete, clear, fluent, this is for LCD splicing screen installation put forward higher requirements. The application of liquid crystal splicing wall covering security, entertainment, advertising, catering, real estate, teaching all walks of life, such as the use environment are increasingly more and more complex. Shenzhen DDW technology co., LTD. As a professional LCD splicing wall manufacturers, with years of experience in technology and vast amounts of field installation, sums up the following screen and the experience of installation, to share and improve together.


    A connection, bracket fixed rod


In LED after maintenance system, the installation of the bracket rod connection is the most important, once the pull rod fixed to complete, system installation is quite easy, panel debugging is convenient and quick. Conversely, the debugging process is more trouble than a DLP large screen system.


    1, due to the LED LCD splicing screen top-heavy, not as stable as the DLP splicing screen, itself can't balance. If there is no fixed rod help, vertical degree doesn't guarantee system. So, when installation should before after adjusting base stents, hanging panel, install a fixed rod. This can not only guarantee the verticality of the whole system, also can ensure the stability of the whole system.


    2, because the new bracket is not a whole, it's about connecting rod through connect each row frame, and so lead to each row rack is very difficult to guarantee completely in the same plane. That was hard to hang up the panel after large concave and convex (not enough amplitude adjustment of adjusting screw panel). Solution is listed in each frame is installed above a fixed rod, so you can easily adjust the before and after the difference between each row frame.


    3, fixed rod must back, there is a pull back to guarantee the stability of the system, and to realize the adjustment of the 2 points mentioned above. Found that when the actual installation, fixed in vertical way, even the rod slightly lean back, after repeated testing, the system is still not stable.


Second, the adjustment of the LCD panel


    1, adjust the panel flatness can be before all the panel flatness of unified adjust the adjusting screw to screw the intermediate position of the adjusting amplitude, and then began to adjust the flatness of panel. This can maximum limit to ensure every Angle panel has certain adjustment range, and there will not be the last individual panel is unable to adjust the adjusting screw.


    2, when the control panel can adjust the high and low levels of panel, first and then adjust the concave and convex of panel, because adjust the high and low levels of panel, panel will move around or before and after.


Three, the installation of the panel


Under normal circumstances panel installation and no special, panel raised more than support bearing bar can be put down after. But if you have installed above does not have the space? In this case, can hang panel after two hang lever in the bracket of bearing on a rod, and then carry the panel on the installation position, let the people behind the hang lever and panel between the screw twist