Design Of Digital Exhibition Hall -- Application Of Interactive Projection Technology In Digital Exhibition Hall

April 14, 2017

  With the development of multimedia technology, digital exhibition hall has gradually replaced the traditional exhibition hall, and has become the mainstream of the exhibition hall. At present, the market whether it serves the city planning exhibition hall is used in business hall, digital exhibition mostly cannot do without interactive projection technology, which is the projection sandbox interactive projection equipment the most common in the modern exhibition hall. Digital exhibition and interactive projection perfect fusion, with digital technology a variety of novel to show visitors the exhibition content, solves the problems of traditional exhibition hall in dull, lack of moving force, make full use of voice, video, 3D animation content and combination, bring visitors like audio-visual enjoyment personally on the scene. Especially the digital exhibition hall to fully interactive, real vitality, is no longer static and inflexible, also do not need professional interpreters to explain, can be personalized publicity on the content, which shocked the body sense the general effect is to combine interactive projection technology, then, in the exhibition hall in the design of digital interactive projection equipment commonly used in exhibition hall what are they?


  1, interactive electronic open book system: interactive book visitors standing in the book machine before turning around to wave action, in front of the ebook will with our action before and after the page, just like the traditional book, but the new somatosensory interactive mode will promote the visitors interested in reading, feeling the effect is very good.

  2, electronic interactive sandbox: mainly distributed multimedia control system, projection table, electronic sand table three forms, multimedia distribution control system is a dynamic electronic distribution we can use a remote control analysis, projection sandbox is the 3D image projection of the computer to the sand, you can specify the zoomed area, electronic sand table and its principle almost. Electronic interactive sandbox is mainly used for city planning exhibition hall, the real estate industry, military command center, tourist attractions and other fields in recent years in the sales center, city planning hall and other places can see traces of electronic sand table.

  3, exhibition hall intelligent control management system: users only need to operate the computer can be very effective in the control of the exhibition hall of multiple devices, simple and convenient.

  4, large screen display: large screen display of the most commonly used digital Hall digital equipment, the traditional exhibition hall projector equipment installed to a large extent by the environment and light conditions. Common large screen tomb display device has a liquid crystal splicing screen, projection stitching, LED large screen, 3D/4D theater and other different design patterns, to a large extent, to bring the user to enjoy the visual shock.

5, touch interactive system: the big screen like a smart phone, free touch click interactive, you can view the enterprise display information.

6, interactive signature photo: This is also more popular, that is, visitors can stand on the system before the camera can be displayed on the big screen and save. Very funny。


  The above is the most common digital interactive exhibition hall projection products, Leroy multimedia as a professional digital exhibition design and a one-stop solution provider, to stand in the hall hall to provide long-term digital interactive projection system for professional users. Of course, there are other more Leroy multimedia digital products exhibition and successful case of meaning, if you design of digital office demand or love, can contact the Leroy Multimedia Limited consultation oh!