Detailed analysis of LCD screen and LED screen

August 5, 2016

Currently LCD and LED display on the market widely favored by users, in many applications users are confused between the difference between the two and should choose which kind of display is better, DDW senior technical engineers in this system for everybody detailed analysis about between the LCD splicing screen and LED display their advantages and disadvantages so that users can more profound understanding and the understanding to buy LCD splicing screen is convenient for users to use.

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First of all, mainly to see their applications, Indoor and outdoor application of an important factor is the change of ambient light, the human eye is very sensitive to brightness, indoor light is weak, screen brightness should be low, according to internationally accepted standards: the brightness of more than 700cd/ square meters watch will cause harm to human health. And due to direct sunlight intensity is very high in outside, so outdoor LCD screen brightness to very expert eyes to watch the display screen. LCD screen brightness to 700cd/ square meters between 450cd/ square meters, brightness uniform color saturation, can better achieve the best viewing results of the human eye. The LCD liquid crystal splicing screen is formed by splicing a single or a plurality of liquid crystal display units, splicing patterns varied arbitrarily, through the control of the image controller to achieve any combination of display mode switching, signal switching, etc., meet the needs of the room, such as meeting room, monitoring room and other places for display screen. LED display brightness strong, in direct sunlight screen display screen is still clearly visible, function of automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen, good playing effect is obtained under different brightness environment, So it can be used in indoor and outdoor, just LED using self luminous display technology, screen brightness is generally very high, if you want to control the brightness of the indoor human eye for the screen to see the effect in the LCD screen is better than the effect.


Secondly, compared to the LCD display LED LCD screen longer, fast response speed, low energy consumption, LCD screen using image vertical adjustment technology has achieved double visual angle above 178 degrees, compared to the LED screen visible angle wider. How the LCD splicing screen and LED display screen choose mainly depends on the user's own application place needs and look for the brand. Shenzhen DDW Co., Ltd. with the technical team of independent R & D technology to produce cost-effective LCD liquid crystal splicing products, Product quality, pre - and post - sales service quality to win customers.