Digital display programme innovation media marketing platform

July 3, 2017

    With the penetration of the Internet, information in the digital age is changing rapidly, and people are constantly switching between various advertising screens every day. But for the marketing market, the information fragmentation is increasing while consumers ignore the inertia of media information. However, with the development of the current technology, the new generation of digital information displays the liquid crystal display of the carrier aroused new students!

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    Digital display different liquid crystal display device, the liquid crystal display (LCD) schemes to users now maintains the effective medium of communication, it carries with digital information, break through the limitation of the purely digital media, have more interactive features, then in recent years has gradually entered the media marketing world, and according to the data shows that the user has been applied to show the top, become a new trend of application. How can the liquid crystal display scheme grasp the diversity of media innovation and creativity in the ever-changing media marketing market? Let's go to the liquid crystal display app with DDW!


    In the aspect of application advantages: liquid crystal display (LCD) scheme with unique graphics engine 4 k technology, with high light, color saturation hard screen edge, and through the terminal system and data platform to realize interconnection, then click on the touch screen or screen, such as single display applications, and intelligent control system, can support across the screen to interact, induction pay, gesture interaction, the cloud control, such as interactive features, greatly enhance the scene of the interactive media, timeliness and accuracy, make its digital drastically influence the spread of various applicable scenario.


    In the application of the scene features: through the LCD display program, the implementation of applicable to buildings, shopping malls display wall, store all sorts of different marketing people busy scene, such as combination of media and according to the user scene and application solutions, namely through the hd broadcast liquid crystal display device, the digital media information of a scene and organic integration, digital intelligent virtual to real, make the whole scene marketing intelligent active, achieve business effect of commercial value.


    DDW as senior commercial digital display suppliers, for those routes in under the premise of geared to the needs of consumers, to meet the demand of marketing, focus on the user scenario of liquid crystal display was used in innovative solutions, and actively explore the diversity of "screen" interactive applications, for a more comprehensive and accurate marketing platform!


    DDW strives to break through the existing technology, and provides the best solution for all walks of life with the solution of perfect hd and innovative optimization. DDW will go hand in hand with partners from all walks of life, improve the consummate skill of commercial display, surpass the classic quality, let more high-quality display scheme settled in all walks of life in the city.