Digital exhibition hall design need to pay attention to what matters

April 17, 2017

  The exhibition hall is mainly through the digital multimedia technology advanced all information enterprises to show visitors, has a very good effect for the promotion of enterprises or organizations of the brand and establish a corporate image, corporate digital exhibition design can be the enterprise culture through the more scientific way of publicity out, then design the professional digital exhibition hall need to pay attention to what matters?

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  1, to ensure the safety of digital exhibition hall
Digital exhibition design requires the use of the area is wide, in order to facilitate visitors to the exhibition hall to walk freely safe to do security work, such as display alarm setting and fire extinguishers are required to put in a very prominent place, avoid the occurrence of accidents due to the placement of the safety equipment problems.
  2, choose the digital exhibition hall core color
Any one of a number of exhibition design has its own core color of their choice, if the choice is too old-fashioned as the core of color will make people think if you choose too bold dull as ditch water, as the core of color will make people feel not elegant, digital exhibition hall design so popular in the core content, material and color. The choice is more atmosphere, dignified, can make the digital exhibition to impress people.
  3, to determine the appropriate digital exhibition hall propaganda equipment
Because the digital Exhibition popular sense of science and technology, may need to be equipped with the display equipment is very much, but is not to say that all devices are applicable to all enterprises of the products, the design of multimedia display devices need to choose carefully, so as to make the digital exhibition more dazzling light.
  Of course, the popular digital exhibition hall design in addition to considering the safety problems, determine the core color selection and exhibition display equipment of propaganda, but also need to exhibit different characteristics or the actual situation in the functional design, art exhibits design and technical design, to ensure that the digital exhibition design style can more conducive to the promotion of exhibits.