Digital Signage Future Trends: Intelligence And Interaction

April 12, 2017

From the chain of traditional business as the representative of the retail, to the electricity business as the representative of the virtual retail, and then to the current combination of the actual situation of the O2O model, the global retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented dramatic change. With the pace of resource integration continues to accelerate, online and offline integration more closely. Smart digital signage in a more emphasis on interactive, multi-functional direction, continue to meet the needs of O2O, play a greater value.


E-commerce vendors have landed IPO market, the pace of integration of resources continue to accelerate, online and offline integration more closely."1111.jpg

Director of the Global Retail and Digital Signage Business Unit, Intel Intranet Solutions and Products Division, He Maisi, entitled "Visual Retail". Although the traditional retail sales growth slowed, but with the physical retail set off on the line tide, online line began to join hands, the Chinese market is still unlimited potential, more personalized and interactive channel marketing will be a huge return, and digital signage will continue Play an important role.

In order to better promote the digital signage technology and the overall industry development, Intel hopes to play a leading role in this and innovation. "Intel has been committed to building a more open and more open industry standard, to promote the development of digital signage business," He Mai Si said, "The second very important is Intel's active management technology, through this method can be great To enhance the management of digital signage, Intel's active management technology can be used to deal with remotely. "" The third point is a substantial increase in reliability, hoping to quantify the indicators of our advertising design and operation of the results. "

China's market potential is unlimited, the public has been insisting on the needs of customers as a guide and continuous innovation, and constantly collect the information consumers need to play the important role of digital signage, to establish a better ecological and software system platform to more More information is passed to the public using digital signage. Help O2O integrated online purchase + offline experience mode, and the previous e-commerce focus on offline consumption to the line compared to the model to meet the development of O2O needs, continue to play the public call the ability to open more Of the market for traditional industries to accept through more personalized and interactive channel marketing to help companies harvest a huge return.